Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a day in the closet....

so day one of my internship is over. i was so exhausted from the experience it took me until the middle of the next day to gather the strength to write this post.

i arrived bright and early at the very groovy and very open offices (picture a very open industrial looking space with  low cubicles and very cool chandeliers hanging throughout the space).  the people working there were so effortlessly chic looking that it was actually a little intimidating to me (i can't tell you the last time i felt this way).
i spent almost the entire day in the closet. yes, the closet. sorting fabric swatches. i didn't have any grand illusions of what this internship would entail (i have had many interns work for me over the years...) however i didn't really see myself in the closet.

a highlight of my day included a 40 minute jaunt to the pacific design center delivering heavy rug samples to showrooms (so thankful i wore flats and didn't pony up for a manicure!) but the very best moment of the day came was when i was joking with a fellow intern (also stuck in the closet) that i might possibly be the oldest intern there to which she replied "oh no! there's like this other intern girl who works on wednesdays who is 36!!!!" bless her heart for thinking i am younger than 36.

so, until tomorrow.... perhaps i will be let out of the closet on day 2?