Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fake it til you make it!

sorry for the long lapse between posts... one of the joys of being an intern is sharing a computer at work  during cold and flu season and exposing myself to lots of germs so i was down for the count for a few days. the germaphobe in me was trying to play it cool with my use of wet ones in wiping down the mouse and keyboard before every use.....

back to work yesterday and the day began with a quick stint in the closet followed by unloading a truck full of heave marble statues (not as groovy as my fancy gym but a workout nonetheless!). 

after that a designer that i don't normally assist asked me to do some design work for him using CAD (this is a computer design program that most interns in my position know because they are learning it in school... because i have decided to intern prior to proper education i am lacking this skill).  i had to inform him that i don't know the program but i would be happy to help him with anything else... so, he asked me to draw some stuff for him free hand. YIKES! i tried to cover the look of terror on my face because i cannot draw to save my life. i have lots of wonderful ideas of what to draw and sadly my right hand and my brain can't seem to connect to make my visions a reality on paper. rather than explaining this to him i decided "why not?" years ago a friend of mine who felt she was in over her head at work introduced me to the expression "fake it til you make it" and that's just what i did! i spent the next five hours "drawing" the saddest staircases i have ever seen in my life.

when one of my fellow interns (and new bff in the office) glanced over to see how i was doing she very kindly pointed out that the example he had given me to work off of for inspiration had circles that were round and for some reason mine unfortunately were not and "perhaps i could make them a little rounder?"  nope, i was not blessed with the gene that makes pictures pretty, circles round or lines straight (without the assistance of a ruler).

fingers crossed i faked it well enough that he will continue to pass some assignments to me in the future...


  1. i think i might wrap up some of dom's stencils and ship them out to you- perfect circles everytime! ;)

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