Wednesday, January 12, 2011

now we're talkin'!

sorry for the delay in posting... tuesday's are long days for me with my internship for 9 hours and then rushing across town to my photoshop night class at a local university (i'm determined to learn how to remove the crow's feet in my photos to update my 2011 profile! )...

anyhow, yesterday was all i hoped my internship would be! ok well not quite "all i hoped" but after yesterday i feel like i'm on the road to it and the idea i had to sign up for this experience was a good one... i knew it was going to be a good day when i wasn't asked to fetch meals for anyone and i never had to visit and clean the dreaded swatch closet.

instead i spent the day zipping around town and collecting really great items for one of the designers (who i have to say is now my favorite for giving me these tasks).  i visited stores that i have previously never really noticed in order to find hidden gems and product samples, and to photograph items to bring back to the office... i also learned that, if you want them, there are bathroom wastebaskets that cost almost a thousand dollars at your disposal (and you can get the entire bathroom accessory set for just a few hundred more!).  who knew? 

i still have yet to figure out my intern shoe situation. i was back to flats and it was only a one band-aid day with all of my running around. if anyone has any fashionable suggestions that won't require any end of day first aid i am open to them!