Thursday, January 6, 2011

would you like fries with that?

this morning i was a little confused. i thought i had signed up for an interior design internship? that was, until i was asked to pick up breakfast for someone in the office at a restaurant several blocks away. really? breakfast? and to top it off it wasn't for THE designer in the office (the one with the name on the building) or even one of the other interior designers, but for some gal working on a side project.  and she didn't even bother to smile and thank me when i returned with it (manners, people!). in all my 39 years i have never been asked to get a coffee or a meal for someone. boy am i really opening myself up to new experiences! (and you may be thinking to ask but no, i did not spit in her large grapefruit juice....)

i don't remember if i mentioned in an earlier post that i was told by the office manager (aka intern boss) when i was first hired that i needed to get into the office early everyday otherwise all of the "good" assignments would be gone if i arrived later. well gosh! i am really glad that i didn't miss that one!

my day did improve as the hours went on.... i was errand girl again returning samples to the pacific design center again. really fun because i got to poke around the showrooms and the employees were very impressed to hear who i work for. also these were lighter fabric samples and not the big rugs i was stuck with last time!

the big highlight of the day was visiting the fancy vintage stores and showrooms on la cienega blvd for one of the designers in order to get costs and dimensions of items she was interested in. i saw some of the most amazing pieces that i hope to be able to score myself one day at a flea market (these prices were not in my work for free intern budget!). plus most of the shop owners were really nice and cool to chat with. unfortunately not a straight man in the bunch... but a girl can dream!

going to soak my feet now. kitten heels were not a good idea today. back to flats next week!