Saturday, January 29, 2011

wrap up for the week

the rest of my week interning was great. i got to utilize the photoshop skills i have been learning in my tuesday night classes for the last month.  although i wasn't super fast i did get the job done. woo hoo!

i just received some moleskin blister pads from my parents who have been reading about my interning adventures.  thanks mom and dad! hopefully i will be sent running around town on some fun errands next week and will be able to put them to good use!

also, you may remember in an earlier post that i mentioned my sad weaving project from a few months back... well, i gave it to my grandmother and she turned it into a beautiful pillow cover for me.... it is still a little lopsided but she said it looks like art and was so proud of it that when she shipped it back to me she insured it for $50! how much do i love her??


  1. Nonna rocks! (p.s.- i finally figured out how to 'follow'. yes, i am a little delayed. i thought subscribing through my reader was enough- apparently not.)

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