Thursday, February 10, 2011

a g'day!

today was a really good day... the only interns working were me and my bff intern so there was plenty of stuff to do between the two of us...  i was sent on errands to some of the fab antique stores in town and also did a bit of photoshopping, which i have to say i am now a total whiz at! AND the famous pop star was back in the office for a bit and looked as amazing as always (who doesn't appreciate some good star sightings at work now and then!?!).

every day i am feeling more confident that this is what i want to pursue (yay!) and i am literally dreaming up design ideas every night.. now i just need to get my skills in order and register for some technical design classes so i can make this a reality!

my bff at the office is australian and invited me to visit australia later this year (i can envision a future blog posting now... "interns take a trip!").  the great thing about spending the years and years i did traveling for business is that i still have lots of miles tucked away and plenty to get me to oz and back! just got off the phone with the airline to book my trip! woo hoo!!