Tuesday, February 8, 2011

heavy metal tuesday

this past weekend i was at a super bowl party held by one of my former bosses. it was the first time during my fun-employment where i have been around a large number of my former colleagues in one setting. of course, a lot of people are asking "so, what are you up to these days?" since i haven't seen them in a couple of years. i felt a little awkward since when they knew me in my past life i was this smart, strong, driven executive (as i like to remember myself, anyway) and now i'm just an intern. it was a little strange but i got over it.

so, on most days there are an average of 3-5 of us interns working in the office. a funny thing that happens on days when there are more than 2 of us working is that there is a bit of jockeying for the "good" assignments as opposed to the "bad" ones (you know what i'm talking about.... that darn closet! none of us wants to spend a large amount of time in it!)... who knew that i would ever have considered running errands for someone else a "good" job to be assigned...

today was one of those days where there were 5 of us in the office. it began with helping to organize the workspaces and design table displays because my favorite home design magazine happens to be writing an article about THE designer and coming in tomorrow to photograph the fabulous offices.

after that i was sent on an errand to a metal shop to pick up scrap metal for a project. the place that i went to was in an industrial part of town and the old guys working there (german, i think) were total characters cracking jokes and bantering back and forth anytime i asked a question. they had created some of the coolest creations in their workshop from a massive copper screen to be affixed to the outside of a building to a huge bronze chandelier.... really neat stuff!  i was getting winding twisting (dangerous when handled incorrectly) scraps of aluminum and bronze to affix to a piece of wall art for one of the designers. the guys at the shop stressed that anyone who works with it should wear thick gloves and be careful because it could easily cut you... nice.... wonder why they sent the intern on this errand? when i returned to the office with the metal and relayed the instructions to "be careful"  the reply i received was "great, thanks so much, so can you please get started on this project..." i perkily replied "sure, do you have those industrial strength gloves i just mentioned?" nope, they didn't have the gloves and much as i want to prove myself i am not interested in shredding my skin in the process. i already learned from pottery class a few months back i am a delicate flower.... tomorrow's interns get to tackle that project!