Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a little praise goes a long way!

well, it has been an eventful week at the internship so far.  when i first started this adventure there were 2 cubicles devoted to interns holding a total of 4 computer work stations. now, because THE designer is venturing outside of interiors, half of the intern space has been taken in order to house people working on the new venture as of this week. so, that means, not only are we interns jockeying for the "good" jobs on any given day... we are also jockeying for the intern work stations.... if you remember, there are 4 of us a lot of the time so that means it's a sad game of musical chairs upon arrival since now there are only 2 computers stations in one cubicle for us to share.  and i'm not gonna mention being stuck in the closet as a possibility because i don't want to jinx myself....

i am amazed that i am now in a job fighting for cubicle space when not too long ago i had my own office with a door...and a sofa...  funny how life is...  oh, and one of the folks hired for the new venture is a little snooty and uppity and not afraid to complain that we are speaking too loudly when we are making calls to fabric houses, etc to get info on projects we are working on.  well, really, so far this person complained to me. i know i do tend to speak a little loudly (a result of poor hearing from all those rock concerts in my youth) but i swear this time i was using my quiet voice!

yesterday, after helping my favorite designer with creating presentation boards for a client's vacation home i was rewarded with a "good job" from her. i know i was only copying, photoshopping backgrounds out of images, getting prices, and pinning items to a poster board but that tiny bit of praise still felt pretty good.

oh, and i got a large wooden board that i plan on carrying into drafting class this friday morning. still trying to master writing in this darn architect font and hoping i get it together by friday!

until next time....