Wednesday, February 2, 2011

no parking baby

well, this week has started off better than last... sort of. i spent yesterday creating a lot of client presentation sheets using my newly acquired photoshop skills (all the while dreaming of how amazing it would be to have an extra bedroom, let alone a "salon" or "music room!"). a vast improvement to being in the closet! and i was quite proud of myself for "practicing" so much before class last night! i am actually learning new skills and no matter how old or young you are that is always a cool thing!

the only bummer about yesterday was that i got my first intern job related parking ticket. you see, the designer i am working for does not provide parking spaces for the interns (and some of the employees) so my day is spent either running to feed the parking meter every 2 hours or moving my car every 2 hours within the neighborhood adjacent to the office. i guess i was so absorbed in my photoshopping that i forgot to move my car and sadly the los angeles parking enforcement folks left a gift on my dash. by the way, there are signs all over the intern computer work stations reminding people to move their cars or feed the meters and stating  fyi they don't reimburse for parking or parking tickets. i guess i need to remind myself to look at those darn signs!

photoshop class last night was entirely focused on retouching photographs. AMAZING! i'm not kidding about getting started on those photos.....