Friday, February 25, 2011

rain or shine...

so my drafting professor was impressed with how "hard core" (his exact words) i was about attending the class this morning with my very large wooden board (2 ft x 3ft... functioning as a make-shift drafting table on my lounge chair in the back of the room)... even more so that i did it in the pouring rain.  there is one other person trying to stick it out to get added to the class as well but, he's a teenager (i'm not kidding.  i think he is 19), he didn't show up with a big piece of wood (and was shocked that i did) and i really doubt he will have the same staying power i do.  i'm just sayin'....

slightly off topic but worth a mention... recently a gay boy friend (any self respecting straight gal needs at least one!) asked me how i have managed to look so put together during this transitional period.  his words were "i'm sure you've had to cut back and i am amazed that you look just as fabulous as you did when you had a job."  well, i explained to him that i fired my old, more expensive, hairdresser shortly after i lost my job and have directed my newer cheaper hairdresser to cut and color my hair in a way that lasts an extra month or so,  i now paint my own nails (those $10 manicures add up), keep my accessories up to date (i'm telling you, great accessories cost very little to update an outfit and go a long way!), and i am close to perfecting the art of smiling and showing minimal wrinkles (not that i ever tried botox before ;-) but it is definitely not in the "finding myself" budget these days... i've been practicing the "new" smile in my mirror ...).  and the biggest part is i probably don't look nearly as stressed out and unhappy as i did before....

until next week....

p.s. see below image of my large board for drafting class as well as the tube that will house my amazing (i hope!)  drawings!

the almost 40 year old intern


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