Friday, February 18, 2011

to draft or not to draft...

apologies for letting a bit of time lapse between postings.... this week has been a busy busy one!

it began with my first drafting class on monday (yikes!)... well i thought and hoped it would be my first drafting class... i wasn't actually enrolled because it was already full when i tried to sign up at one of the local colleges.  i showed up for class anyway on monday hoping to sweetalk the professor into letting me into the class. sadly 14 other people had planned on doing the same thing! nuts! the joy of the current economy and so many people being out of work is that the local colleges are full of people trying to expand their knowledge and skill set.  the professor decided to hold a lottery for the four empty spots at the next class session on friday (today).  i figured my chances were better than winning the california lottery so why not try for a spot?!?

sadly i showed up today and did not win a spot however i am number 4 on the wait list should someone (well, technically 4 someones) suddenly drop the class... perhaps some sort of plague will hit at least four of the 24 members of the class in the very near future.... the professor was cool about me and a couple of others hanging out on lounge chairs in the back of the room during the 3 hour class and coming to future classes poised to pounce should someone leave.

so, i have already worked out my game plan. i am hitting the art and hardware stores this weekend to see if i can find a board that is at least 24" x 36" to affix my t-square and paper to so that i may actually participate in the drafting that takes place in a drafting class (today it was just practicing penmanship which, by the way,  was not as easy as it seems... architects and designers write in this very precise style because it has been beaten into them in classes like this one... we have a test on it next week).  i don't care if i have to squat on the floor for three hours a day, twice a week, for the next 4 months!  i am really determined to complete this course!  no one ever said i am not persistent. this is what made me great at my last career... perseverance!

you may wonder why i care so much about this class... sadly it is a pre-req for cad which is the computer design program i must learn if i have any hopes of becoming an interior designer. and now that i have finally figured out what i want to be when i grow up i want to get on with it! no more dilly dallying! i need to learn this stuff!

as for interning, i am still kicking ass at the photoshopping and designers in the office are counting on me more. sadly, because of this, i wasn't sent on any fun errands this week. 

BUT one of the best things about this week had little to do with classes or my internship... i had a super fabulous valentines day evening with a new guy! the funny thing is that i met him years and years and years ago when he was an intern and i was an exec and we just recently he's the career success and i'm the intern... when he contacted me, i didn't realize he was asking me on a date and it still hadn't occurred to me until a few hours into our evening out when it finally dawned on me (i guess i was taking the term "no expectations" to a whole new level)... interesting how life works. who knows what the future holds but i had a great date and am really glad to see that for now all signs point to getting my life on track. 

until next time!


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