Friday, March 11, 2011

check your ego at the door.

so the rest of this week was great....

thursday at the internship i spent the day compiling a display of fabric swatches for THE designer's blog post, photographing home accessories for press, a bit of photoshopping to make them pretty, mixed in with a fun errand to a fancy bedding shop in beverly hills... all in all, a pretty good day!

another no show in drafting class today so i got a table again! woo hoo!  when i arrived at class this morning i was still a little down and frustrated with my extreme lack of architect handwriting skills.  that is until i was chatting with the woman at the table next to me who was gushing over how beautiful and amazing my project page looked compared to hers... i glanced over and saw that the lettering that was supposed to be 1/4 of an inch high was approx 1 inch high on hers... she's a lot older than me (thank god i'm not the oldest in this class!) and clearly needs bifocals because she can't see her page to write as small as we need to for this project.  she called our professor over to see if he would let her have "senior citizen" leeway... he told her she needed to get her eyes examined or get a magnifying glass....hilarious!   i'm going to have to sit next to her more often!

also, i have a leg up on some of the other students in class for the simple reason that i am american and was not raised with the metric system.  ya see, the other thing you have to do in drafting and interior design is know how to scale stuff down in your drawings and we have a handy ruler to help us do this.  there are a lot of international students in class and they are having a really hard time grasping feet and inches. kind of like when i travel internationally and can't seem to figure out the temperature when it is given to me in celsius (what IS that conversion, anyway??).  at least i'm not getting graded on that....

so, a friend of mine was asking me how on earth i suck it up and do this internship and all the random odd jobs i am asked to do.  i told her it is simply that i need to check my ego at the door every day when i arrive.  because, truly, if you are going to go into it with the attitude that it is beneath you, you won't gain anything useful from the experience.   if you instead look at every single menial task as a learning opportunity you will gain so much.  and once you understand that, it really is possible to do this!  don't get me wrong, i don't want to be an intern forever, but for now it's pretty cool.

until next week.....


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