Friday, March 25, 2011

cross-eyed girl

well, i apologize in advance for any horrendous misspellings or other weirdness in today's post as my eyes are still crossed from drafting class today... drafting is hard and anyone that says differently is lying... right now i am in the middle of a project that requires that i scale something to the size 1/4 inch = 1 foot and staring at the tiny inch lines at that size on my architect scale (this is basically a ruler) is making me crazy and now i am feeling like that poor woman in class that i mentioned a few posts ago... nuts! oh and by the way i am STILL not an official class member as i am waiting for someone to drop so i can add... but we're seven weeks into the semester and i'm not about to give up!

anyhow, i digress... interning was great this week... i spent a day arranging colorful fabric swatches and other materials (semi-precious stones, metals, marble, you name it!) into cool displays to be photographed for THE designer's blog... a very fun and creative job! yay! wonder if i can list "designer blog contributor" on my resume under this job experience...

for a lot of this week the weather was crappy and rainy here and being sent on intern errands wasn't so fun since we have to park blocks and blocks from the office and the streets around it are filled with massive (and they keep growing every week it rains!) water filled potholes. so, dodging those while carrying boxes of stuff and holding an umbrella so as not to get soaked is challenging to say the least!

last night i relived my youth (and my first attraction to guys in eyeliner) when a friend and i went to see duran duran in concert! it was outside, super cold and pouring down rain during parts of it but still a really good time & great way to let off steam!

happy weekend to all.... until next week!


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