Friday, March 18, 2011

peaks and valleys...

so, this week started off so great and then ended in a little valley....

interning yesterday was a little bittersweet... my bff intern is leaving los angeles to head back home and sadly it was my last day working with her... she really added to what has been a great experience so far and i am really going to miss her and her positive attitude and great spirit!  even when the two of us were recently asked to remove massive (at least 6 feet high!) dead tree branches from huge marble decorative urns filled with gross smelly water in the office (and almost poked our eyes out doing so!!!) we could laugh about the fact that the task was given to us interns rather than the cleaning lady that was just there a little earlier that morning...  hopefully the next intern will be half as cool. i know i have made a friend for life and i can't wait to see where both of our careers end up...

also, my sister and my neighbor both learned they were being laid off from their jobs yesterday.  they are going through what i went through just over a year ago.  that blow to the ego really sucks but i told them both (and truly believe what i told them) that they are going to end up in a much better place than where they are leaving and some of the most amazing things can happen to you when you feel like the crappiest thing just came your way... 

today in drafting class i had a table for the first hour of class, until that missing student decided to show up over an hour late. who does that???? really? come to class an hour in? thankfully i was only without a table for a half hour until another student decided to leave an hour and a half early.... we had a big assignment due today so that's why attendance was higher than usual... my fingers are crossed that we will be back to people skipping next week.....

going to work on my designs for my new jewelry store client now!

until next week....


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