Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring fever!

spring has sprung this week in la and all that i remember of spring fever (and all that comes with it!) during my first time in college is coming back to me.....

the weather in la is forecast to be in the 70's and 80's this week (such a relief after last week's constant downpours!)... drafting class on monday had lots of open tables so i was set.... spring break isn't for a couple of weeks for us but clearly spring fever has hit some of my classmates already!

as for interning, well, THE designer is currently vacationing out of state this week so the energy in the office is a little slower paced (as it always seems to be when THE designer is out)....also, some of the other interns are on spring break from their schools and not coming into the office...

i was sent on an errand to deliver leather to be used to reupholster furniture for the famous pop star client and to the pacific design center to pick up rug samples for a famous movie star client.  while at the pdc i was chatting with a very sweet, flirty and charming latino man that runs the showroom that i was in... he was very interested in my story and gave me a great pep talk regarding my future in design. i think he must have felt that i needed it (even through my happy pasted on smile!)...  for some reason this week i started over-thinking what i am doing and pursuing and having small doubts that i could do it.  the whole process seems a little daunting sometimes... you know, going back to school, interning, and essentially starting over!  well, he really did help to reinvigorate me and my positive attitude! i gave him a little hug before i left!

when i returned to the office there were no pressing matters so an intern friend and i decided to pop out for mani/pedis since we both have hot dates this week.  it was a fun and much needed little outing on a beautiful spring day...  now, i just need to decide where i am going to spend my spring break this year! the last time i was a freshman in college (over 20 years ago! YIKES!) it was in daytona beach, florida.... i don't think that's my style these days... hmmmm.....

i'm off to work on my drafting homework as well as pull together some design ideas for my jewelry store client as we are meeting later this week...

until next time!


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