Tuesday, March 15, 2011


this week is off to a really great start!

there were four no shows in drafting class on monday and i had my pick of empty desks! plus i got my grade on my first round of homework and it was good! thank god my professor is really cool about me squatting in the class until someone drops... i should bake him some cookies.

the best thing to happen this week is that it looks like i may be redesigning the interior and exterior of a local jewelry store!  a gal from my metal smithing class was kind enough to recommend me and my marketing expertise to a new owner of a store she sells to... when we met it i learned that it turns out that they need help redesigning their space as well as re-branding and marketing the store... this is the perfect blend of my entire resume of work experience! from merchandising to marketing to logo design and interior design... they have a super tight budget but i am up for the challenge! i can't believe it and am super excited for the opportunity! (insert big squeals of delight here!)  i never dreamed i would have an opportunity like this so soon! 

going to sign off now so i can finish doing my happy dance....

until next time!

p.s. so my intern bff and i hit the rose bowl flea market on sunday and while i was waiting near the exit with our haul for her to bring the car around to load it all this cool stuff was piled near ours... well, it was all bought by emily henderson (star of hgtv's secrets from a stylist show... yep, i'm a fan!)... i am not gonna lie, i was a little envious of a lot of this stuff....  can't wait to see what ends up on tv! see photos below...

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. This is awesome news! I cannot wait to see what you do andhear about it's progress along the way! (insert friend's slue of delight and support)

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