Tuesday, April 5, 2011

breaking out of the comfort zone!

this week has gotten off to a pretty good start.... i spent a lot of my weekend cranking out a big drafting project that was due on monday... happy to say that when i turned it in it didn't look half bad compared to some of my classmates! woo hoo! i had to say no to an invite to a fun girls weekend in palm springs to stay in town and get it done but i am so happy i did... spring break starts next monday so i can plan a fun trip then!

interning today was all about getting out of my comfort zone... i was asked to sketch up some product ideas for a designer... while being asked i tried to hide the look of terror (!!!) on my face and play it cool that this was something i could actually do.... i still can't seem to get my right hand and brain to connect on making pretty drawings that match the perfect picture in my head but i think i made a decent effort... at least i hope i did!

my late afternoon was spent returning fabulous items that were borrowed from high end stores around town.... as i tripped, and almost fell, while carrying a bag containing a dish that sells for several hundred dollars i wondered if i would be responsible for picking up the broken dish tab? hmmm.... or perhaps they would take it out of my work for free paycheck? thankfully i didn't have to find out because i caught myself in time but i wonder if it has ever happened before and what the consequences would be... fingers crossed i won't be the first to find out!

i was reminded that sometimes interning can be dangerous work.... a fellow intern was given a project that i am happy to have missed out on.... she has the very tedious job of gluing tiny tiny sea shells onto a piece of art.... the poor thing has band-aids covering burn marks all over her arms from that darn hot glue gun... she has probably devoted 30 hours to this so far and still has quite a way to go! talk about getting out of your comfort zone.... that's taking it to a whole new level!

until next time....

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