Wednesday, April 13, 2011

field trip!

so, my spring break began this week which meant no class on monday! instead i spent the morning hitting the gym and a very productive afternoon with my new jewelry store client... 

i love this guy, he is brazilian and has a great creative spirit and positive attitude. the challenge is, he has no funds to spend on this project so i just need to be very creative in developing my ideas and making them work on a budget... the last time we met i gave him a lot of ideas for both the interior and exterior of the store... it was tough for him to visualize them in his space and he was stuck on some of his own ideas that (in my opinion) just didn't make sense... so, in order for me to convince him that what i was suggesting would work, we spent most of monday on a field trip together!  i took him to various boutiques (jewelry and otherwise) in different parts of town to illustrate what i thought worked and what didn't.  it was a successful and fun filled day, especially since i was able to convince him that my ideas were good and that we should utilize them while making a maximum impact for minimum cost. 

the real highlight of the day was when we were in a clothing boutique and i was pointing various fixture ideas out to him and the gal working in the store observing us said to me "let me guess, you must be an interior designer." oh, heaven! my cheeks hurt from smiling so much after hearing that!  it made the celebratory ice cream at the end of our day that much sweeter! 

interning yesterday was unfortunately not so exciting. i have been able to successfully avoid spending a lot of time in the dreaded closet for the last month and sadly yesterday i was stuck there for many many hours sorting fabric swatches... after that i assisted a couple of the folks working on THE designers new venture.  oh, but remember the not so nice person that was working on the new venture (the one that complained i spoke too loudly?)?? well, that person seems to have left... hasn't been seen by me or the other interns in weeks...   the person that now occupies that cubicle space seems lovely and hasn't made a bitchy complaint at all. yay!

so, a friend's husband recently asked me why "don't you just own it?"... i asked what he meant by that and he said "i don't see why you call your blog the almost 40 year old intern instead of just the more simple 40 year old intern." i replied "um, well, that would be because I AM NOT 40 YET." he still didn't seem to get why i wouldn't want to claim to be 40 several months before i actually turn 40.  yes, there was a time very early in my career where i actually did round my age up on occasion to be taken more seriously by older colleagues... however, i think when most gals reach a certain age that stops...  no need to round up at this point in my life thank you very much. so, i will remain the ALMOST 40 year old intern until much later this year when the actual day that my second annual 39th birthday arrives.

until next time!


  1. My Grandfather tells me he is Ninety-Four and three quarters old. So, taking his cue, I'd suggest you say it however you feel like saying it!!! LOL! You've earned it, sistah!

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