Friday, April 22, 2011

from bad haircut to good friday...

so, this week began with getting a bad haircut... any gal that has had one can tell you that bad haircuts suck and can sometimes ruin your day, your week, and if REALLY bad, the months it can take to grow out! yeah, i know there are more important things going on in the world these days but....

one thing about having shorter hair (like me) is that with a few poorly placed snips you can easily start looking like a spinster teacher, a soccer mom badly in need of a makeover or a stereotypical butch softball player... and not the hip, groovy, fashionable, young looking for her age, gal about town that you might see yourself as ... well, my hairdresser (who i normally love) made a few snips when cutting my hair earlier this week that i fear brought my look too closely into the territory that i did not want to emulate.... that incident, combined with a friend who is an amazing artist sending me an image of "me" to use for my blog that also seemed to veer into that territory while aging "me" by at least a decade older than what i am almost pushed me over the edge... both happened within hours of each other and made me wonder if i am in fact not nearly as cool as i thought i was...

the thing about being an almost 40 year old intern is that between classes and working in my internship i am surrounded by classmates and fellow interns that are at least 15 years younger than me 90% of the time. so, that tends to make one slightly more sensitive to the aging process and i, for one, have no desire to look older than i am or like an almost 50 year old intern (in real life or in drawings) when i am actually 39 (and a young lookin' one at that!).  the good news is the haircut was fixed today and the artist friend said that what she sent was just a very early idea she whipped up quickly for me and the next ones won't be like that... i can't wait to see what she draws because she is an amazing talent!

today is good friday in more ways than one... i just learned from my drafting professor this morning that he is officially adding me to the class! so, the good grades i have been receiving these last few weeks will actually mean something! woo hoo! my perseverance has paid off! YAY! also, easter is in 2 days and that darn easter candy that i can't seem to say no to will finally be leaving the stores... i don't know if it is the colors or what but easter offers my favorite holiday candy... those darn cadbury mini eggs! i am addicted!

oh, and i met a cool guy at an event for a charity i support earlier this week who was inspired to write about me and my blog in his blog... how cool is that? here's a link to what he had to say...

until next time....


  1. "very attractive girl who was a riot" that's high praise from a man! Until I met my husband (and soul mate), I never realized that after the visual, humor is what men love most in a woman. He once asked me why so many women's profile pictures are unsmiling. I told him we're trying to look seductive, to which he replied, "we just wanna see a nice smile on a pretty girl" Totally blew me away! BTW, I found your blog through Design Sponge and Centsational Girl. I'm now reading my way through all of your posts and have to say, you're doing exactly what I've been mulling over in my own mind. I'm 40 (as of March) and spent 20 years as a Graphic Designer. Back in school, I thought about interior design, but felt it was a saturated market, like psychology! (remember all those ppl become therapists in the 90's?!?!) Now, I've been unemployed for 2 years (since I got married in fact) and I'm so bored with being at home, especially since my daughter headed off to college last fall. Can I ask how you went about getting your internship?

  2. thanks for all the great comments chandra! i just asked if i could intern and i was lucky that the designer said yes! you should absolutely pick a designer in your area and do the same! it has been a great experience so far! xo

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