Wednesday, April 20, 2011

good friends, great wine & cupcakes... what more does a girl need?

i ended my spring break week with a fabulous weekend road trip up to los olivos in the santa ynez valley to go wine tasting with a friend... if you haven't been, it is well worth a trip! the scenery is breathtaking and the weather couldn't have been more perfect for us!

we had a blast starting with immediately hitting the wine tasting rooms in town on saturday afternoon as soon as we arrived. we met all sorts of interesting folks that were also tasting... including a guy chatting us up that told us he was celebrating his 40th birthday with a very young man in tow that he claimed was his nephew... hmmm, yes, i know lots of straight guys that would like nothing more than a romantic 40th birthday wine tasting weekend with their young "nephew" while leaving their wife at home... and a fun couple from chicago that was laughing with us about the fact that we were convinced everyone serving us was drunk and exclaiming about the lack of food and restrooms in these tasting rooms... both of which would have come in handy!

they have a local guy known in los olivos as the "strawberry man" because he has a strawberry farm (imaginative name, right?) and brings his fruit into the local tasting rooms to sell. let me tell you, these were some of the most amazing strawberries i have ever had in my life. if only he sold at my local farmers market! i have been dreaming of them ever since.. anyhow, those strawberries couldn't have come at a better time... none of the tasting rooms offer food (other than crackers) and i have always been a huge light weight when it comes to alcohol so i was munching on strawberries and crackers like they were my last meal! after hitting a few of the tasting rooms we were in no condition to drive to our hotel and ended up sitting outside for a couple of hours and chatting with our legs tightly crossed (we never did find a bathroom!) and eating cheese, crackers and yummy cupcakes and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! the next day we visited some of the beautiful wineries in the countryside before heading home to LA... all in all, a really great spring break weekend that was far better than the daytona beach i remember from my spring break of 1990...

i got my first big drafting project back with a great grade on monday! woo hoo! my teacher called me a super star when he handed it back to me. YAY! and no, i am STILL not officially in the class.

interning this week has been a little slow. i was stuck filing a ton of paperwork for one of the designers as one of her projects is wrapping up. looking at the paperwork was pretty interesting... seeing where items came from, the cost (YIKES!), etc was fascinating...  still, i am hoping that thursday is a little more interesting.

one of my close friends just learned she is pregnant (a total surprise!)... and i am helping her design the baby's room. so excited to do this for someone i love like a sister! added to the jewelry store, i am going to have this for my portfolio! woo hoo!!

as for the jewelry store, we are close to locking down a logo design to have painted on the exterior of the store. i still need to do some fine tuning but we are almost there!  i was able to get them great publicity in the la times and a big local shopping blog for a sale they had last weekend and have talked the owner into the idea of a launch party of some kind to celebrate the redesign of the store when it is finished. yay!!  i can't wait for the day where i can do the same for a client that can actually afford to pay me!

one thing i want to say about writing this blog is that i feel like i have so many friends pulling for me to become a success at this... when i was in the midst of a moment last week where i was questioning myself and what the heck i am doing starting over a friend said the nicest thing to me.... she said, "you are one of the few people that i can say with confidence will be a success at whatever you do. the only person that can hold you back from it is yourself."  well, it was really nice to hear and probably true for many of us. its just that sometimes this starting over stuff seems a bit overwhelming...

until next time...

p.s. i found this fabulous vintage pink and gold 3 tiered dessert serving piece at the local flea market recently... i think it is perfect for serving my own cupcakes while entertaining at home!

the almost 40 year old intern


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