Wednesday, May 25, 2011

off to a great start!

interning this week has been great so far.... lots of fun errands to great shops around town... a new designer started at the office and is quickly becoming one of my favorites by giving me good tasks...  i spent most of tuesday on the hunt for the perfect rug for a client's closet. mind you, this closet is larger than my living room. QUITE a bit larger than my living room... someday.....

a big highlight of my day was that i was wearing a new necklace that i slaved over in my metal-smithing class for the past month and received many compliments on it... my fellow classmates are so amazingly talented and have been turning out creations that i could only dream of making.... i decided to challenge myself this term and really step it up and for once i was finally able to make something that i felt looks as cool in person as it did in my imagination! so, i wore it to work on tuesday and THE designer (who happens to be one of the most fashionable people i have ever met) complimented me on it multiple times during the day and was very impressed when i mentioned that i designed it and made it.  it made the burn mark that is still healing on my thumb that much more worthwhile! yeah, i am still a little accident prone in my creative classes and while making this necklace i unfortunately dropped a scalding hot piece of brass on my thumb rather than into the water to cool off. oops...

drafting class is winding down and i am working on my big project and studying for my final exam. i already enrolled in a CAD (computer aided design) class for the summer and am really looking forward to it! also, i have a couple of friends that have enlisted me to redo their homes! woo hoo! this will be a summer of building my portfolio!
so, recently i saw someone i used to date for quite a while that i fondly refer to as "the old man" (mind you, he would be horrified to know this)..  anyhow, i was reminded of the great thing about dating someone almost two decades older than me... not only was he raised in an era of manners and knows how to treat a lady properly... but, i would always be the young hottie in the relationship.... hmmm...

until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern

p.s. below is a photo of the famous necklace i designed and slaved over! it can be worn long or wrapped like in the photo....


  1. Oooh... it makes me thing of those smooth pebbles you find on the beach! Like this!

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