Wednesday, May 4, 2011

one hot week!

so, this week it is in the high 80's and 90's in la... it is a vast improvement from the rainy cold weather of a few weeks ago!

i am on fire in drafting class as i learned that i scored an A on my big exam on friday (even with my royal wedding watching exhaustion!)!  woo hoo!

monday night i went with a good friend to see a gal she refers to as "the love doctor" speak. the woman's name is dr. pat allen (you can check her out at and if you are into self help stuff you may have heard of her. i happen to be one of those people that avoid most self help relationship advice books and lectures at all costs... i decided to join my friend with a "why not" attitude.  i thought at the very least it would be entertaining.

so, i had never heard of this doctor before and was not aware of any of her books & i had no expectations going into this. let me just say, i got my $15 worth in the first 20 minutes. entertaining, it was! i felt like i was in the audience at a taping of the jerry springer show... you see, the doctor invites people on stage with her for a short therapy session in front of the audience.  i don't know what type of person you have to be to want to subject yourself to that but i know i am definitely not that person.

so, the first couple on stage consists of a man that in my opinion could easily pass for a serial killer (creepy looking, greasy hair, moustache, shifty eyes) and his girlfriend who had to be at least 20 years younger than him and way too cute for him.  well, it seems that she decided to move out of their home 2 days earlier because he wouldn't commit to something long term. and she also informed him on that day that she was no longer sleeping with him until he decides to commit. well, he informed the doctor (and the audience) that there was no way he was going to not have sex while they work things out. the doctor asked him if he had someone lined up in the 2 days since this happened. well, wouldn't you know it, he did.  apparently he is a poet (as he informs us, a successful one) with a lot of fans and already had one lined up for the next evening.  the audience was made up of men and women and at that point most of us were siding with the girl and thinking good riddance to the guy UNTIL we learn this... so, she has a 3 year old kid. and he says he doesn't want to sleep with the kid. apparently this woman likes the "family bed" way of doing things and she wants her kid in bed with them at all times. ALL times. and he doesn't like it... needless to say, they both seem a little kooky but who am i to judge... their problems don't seem solvable in the 15 minute on stage session... we learned that they are repeat visitors to dr. pat's stage.

i will say that this doctor did have some interesting things to say during her lecture that do make you think about your role in relationships. plus she was sassy, irreverent, funny and outrageous. she has to be around the age of my grandmother and i can't image the things that she says coming out of my grandmother's mouth! a funny, insightful & entertaining evening. will i become a regular attendee? probably not. but it was fun while it lasted... oh, and i heard that oprah's people were at last week's seminar taping a segment for an upcoming show so if you don't live in la you may be able to catch her on your tv...

interning on tuesday was good, although the a.c. in the office was not working properly so it was almost as warm inside as it was outside...  i'm off to work on a big drafting project that is due friday...

until next time.


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