Sunday, May 1, 2011

a royal ending to the week

so the last week was a little nuts.. i felt like i hardly had any time to breathe until now, sunday evening... i had a big drafting project due friday morning and a big exam in class as well so any spare moments were spent working on those... i missed out on interning on thursday due to dealing with an unexpected flat tire that threw a major wrench in my day.. all of the tire places in town were crazy busy due to the many many pothole filled roads that the city of la seems to be taking their sweet time repairing... so, instead of soaking up knowledge from THE designer, i was at a very glamorous tire shop in hollywood waiting for them to fix my car. a great friend took me to lunch and saved me from hours of reading car & drive magazine back issues in the super fabulous firestone waiting room...

my alarm was set for 3 am friday morning to watch the royal wedding with my gbf (gay best friend - we both dream of the day we'll each meet our prince and planned on watching and dishing on the fashion together!)... i can't believe i actually thought i would wake up but i had hoped to given my fond memories of watching diana get married live as a 9 year old little girl... i slept past that alarm only to be awakened by a frantic phone call from my gbf at 5:00 am freaking out that he too had over slept and missed the ceremony but stating that "they are going to kiss in 10 minutes so you have to get up and watch with me!" so, for the next three hours (until i left for drafting class) we watched and dished on what we thought, flipping between e!, cnn, today show and good morning america to see who had the best coverage... we agreed on the following...  kate - timeless & fabulous, elton john looked like a weeble wobble, fergie's daughters were tragic, david beckham - unbelievably hot as always, and we were LOVING the hats! they were amazing and we had an entire 30 minute conversation about what kind of hat we would have worn if invited. i was exhausted from my lack of sleep but got through my day and ended it with seeing prince in concert (had to keep with the royal theme of the day!!) which was fantastic!

this weekend has been spent working on my various odd jobs... in addition to organizing for a friend during the week and consulting for the jewelry store i am now somehow venturing into wedding planning and personal shopping/ fashion consultant!  saturday i met with a gal (who i only just met on easter) who is desperate for help with planning her wedding.  anyone who knows me knows i love to throw a good party, so... why not a wedding? challenging because she has no idea what she wants to do but i think will be a fun project nonetheless!  and it kind of keeps within the creative design world i am venturing into...

today i was acting as personal shopper for another girlfriend. she is super successful in her career but somehow does not seem to have the shopping gene that i was born with. the thought of what clothing to pick and how to put it together with other items and accessories completely overwhelms her so she hired me to do it for her.  i feel like i should have paid her for the experience, i had such a great time! i have been on shopping hiatus for most of the last year so doing it with someone else's money was awesome!  the bonus was that she has a tiny perfect figure so dressing her is as easy as a mannequin with no "problem areas" to work around!

now i am chilling on my sofa watching the royal wedding coverage on my dvr since i, unlike my gbf, was unable to take friday off as a holiday (i kid you not, he did just that and watched every bit of coverage there was! and yes, i wish i could have too. )...

looking forward to a good week....


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