Wednesday, June 29, 2011

beautiful napa!

monday night i returned home from a long weekend trip to northern california with a couple of friends... we met in san francisco on friday and then headed to sonoma and napa valley for some wine tasting. it was my first visit to both areas and it was really really beautiful!

the second we arrived in sonoma we couldn't wait to explore the area! we decided to walk from our hotel to the center of town...  well, we didn't bother to ask anyone who worked at the hotel just how long that walk would take... it seemed to be such a short distance in the car ride to the hotel! looks can be deceiving... apparently our hotel was on the outer edge of town and we walked for hours, stopping to ask for directions along the way, passing through slightly sketchy looking areas of town, cute residential neighborhoods, and finally ending up on a long beautiful bike path that took us straight to the town square (all the while we were laughing about the fact that we were nuts for not checking the distance prior to our departure!)... at least we arrived just in time for dinner!

the weather was terrific and the scenery was beautiful and we tasted some really great wine!!! the only downside of the trip was that on of the gals never mentioned prior to the trip that she snores so loudly it sounds like a malfunctioning lawnmower (who knew that someone so cute and petite could emit such horrible noises?)...  the three of us shared a hotel room (intern budget!) so i had three nights in a row with very very little sleep... yeah, i bought earplugs after the first night but they didn't help one bit (i am not kidding, it was really loud) at least i had lots of wine at my disposal to ease some of the pain.... oh, and if you plan to travel to napa valley anytime soon check out this great restaurant called bottega...  it was recommended to me by a few friends... the food was amazing! what a great treat!we didn't spend nearly as much time in napa as i would have liked and i can't wait to return for another visit!

yesterday while interning i was assigned a very fun project... i was asked to choose several hundred books from various publishers catalogs in order to fill a client's bookshelves! wild, huh??? i can't imagine asking someone else to choose any books for the sole purpose of lining my book shelves, let alone that many! i love books and i love to read so it was the perfect project for me! oh, and one of my fellow interns was just hired as a full time junior designer... she worked her butt off to get hired and after nine months of interning she pulled it off...

well, i am 2 weeks into learning auto cad.... this class is from 7-10 at night.... the program is tough enough to learn and that combined with it being at a time of day where i would be a lot more comfortable chillin on my sofa than alert and in a classroom is challenging... the great thing is, i have a new buddy in class that is an architect so he already has a lot of the skills and knowledge... i call him my honorary teacher's assistant... he's very cool and has been so helpful so far, hopefully he won't tire of me counting on him....

p.s. photos from napa below....

until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern


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