Wednesday, June 1, 2011

how time flies...

last weekend marked my 15 year anniversary of moving to la. it is crazy how time flies! when i look back on the 24 year old gal that i was when i moved here and my dreams then and fast forward to now it is a smidge daunting... if someone had told me back then that i would be trying to find myself now i don't think i would have believed them because back then i felt like i was on the "fast track" to success... and i was... i guess now i would say i am just finding the "right" track.

so, my fab new necklace that i mentioned in my last post? well, i wore it out a few times last weekend and many friends as well as people i don't know asked where i got it and when i said i made it they immediately asked if they could buy one from me... such a great compliment! so now, i just need to figure out how i can make more in less than 12 hours each (that is how long this one took me!!) in order to make it a profitable venture... perhaps interior designer AND jewelry designer is in my future?

speaking of interior design, here's an update on some of my random design projects... the jewelry store? well, i THOUGHT we were close to locking a new logo for the sign outside weeks ago until i recently learned from the owner that we're not and he wants to see a few more...  and i wasn't kidding about the tight budget we are on there... more like non existent... and managing him is a little tricky but i have faith that it will all work out and be amazing in the end. also, i checked out a friend's home last weekend because she wants my help redesigning her master bedroom and living room... she and her husband don't really have a defined style so that is part of the challenge with this project but i am just imagining i am on an hgtv show about doing just that ... and i am pulling together ideas for another friend's beach bungalow guestrooms as well as an other's nursery...    i am looking forward to drafting class ending since that will free up some time for me to work on these projects...  thankfully my summer cad course is once a week and a late night class...

so,a good friend of mine was sent to mexico last weekend for a singles vacation compliments of her parents... i love that they are so invested in helping her find "the one" that they treated her to a vacation focusing on just that... fingers crossed they all get a great return on their investment!

until next time....
the almost 40 year old intern

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