Monday, June 20, 2011

peonies please!

i spent the weekend recovering from my family camping trip in the midwest.... it was a week filled with s'mores, hot dogs, hamburgers, playing uno, watching the kids fish and swim... nice seeing the family but a little exhausting spending the week sleeping in a bunk bed in my parents rented cabin (hopefully the big bumps on my head from knocking it on the top bunk every morning and every night will go down soon!) and being around 7 children... i don't know how people do it, having that many kids around all the time (no matter how cute they may be while behaving...). the week wore me out.  sadly, i didn't get to make it to any of my favorite vintage stores while there due to southwest airlines delaying my travel by a day and killing those plans (of course they did so after i took a taxi to lax to catch my original flight....).  i really miss my years of being 1K status on united airlines and the great customer service that came with it... someday i will have it back again....

so excited that summer has arrived and summer in la means hollywood bowl and hollywood forever cemetery screenings (two of my favorite things to do)! my gbf and i packed a fab picnic complete with our crate & barrel table and chairs (complete with tablecloth and battery operated tea lights... we like to go to the cemetery in style!) on saturday and went to a sold out screening of heathers... it was a great crowd, a lot of fun and i can't wait for more this season...

i am very excited that it is finally peony season here in la and i have been treating myself to fabulous bunches of peonies from my local trader joes.... it is my favorite flower and i just love how they brighten up my living room... i wish they lasted forever!  such a cheap and wonderful way of adding fabulous color and life to your home!

CAD class starts tomorrow night after a full day of interning... fingers crossed i will catch on quickly as i have been dreaming up ideas of all i would like to design...

until next time....

below are photos of my hot pink peonies brightening my living room.....

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. I love this rug! Where did you get it?

  2. Thanks so much, I think I'm going to get it next weekend! Your blog is so inspiring! Ill definitely be checking back :)

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