Sunday, June 12, 2011

where did the weekend go?

well, the weekend is pretty much over and the majority of it involved helping friends out.... i spent 6 hours on saturday organizing a friend's home office and we still have several hours of work left to do....  she has gotten overwhelmed with paperwork over the last several months and rather than dealing with it early on and it had reached the unmanagable state and she was quickly on her way to becoming a subject on a future episode of hoarding: buried alive! anyhow, we made a great start getting through it and i can't wait to finish it off....

today i crawled out of bed super early (a little tough because i had a late night out on saturday) to hit the rose bowl flea market with my friend and her husband (they are the ones i referred to in an earlier post that have no defined style to their place and i am redoing their living room and master bedroom...).. we found some fabulous stuff for them but the highlight of my day was seeing emily henderson from hgtv's secret from a stylist show... yeah yeah, most people would be excited by seeing brad pitt but being the hgtv junkie that i am... we have similar style and seem to be on the same los angeles flea market schedule because i always seem to arrive and depart the markets around the time that she does... and i love seeing what she is leaving with as she has a great eye and has beaten me to the punch on some really great items! today i witnessed her running into antonio amidst all the booths (if you don't already know, he's another hgtv star but not nearly as fab as she is....)...

no interning for me this week... i am flying to the midwest as soon as i have my drafting final exam tomorrow (it is a presentation of my final project to my class!)... going camping with my family in cabins at a state park (yeah.... gone, for now, are my days of vacationing at conde nast traveler top rated hotels...) my parents, sisters, 6 nephews and 1 niece will be there... yikes!  it should be a fun time but truthfully i am not used to being around so many kids at one time, yelling for their auntie, and am hopeful it won't be overwhelming... i packed my deep woods off mosquito repellent and my noise canceling headphones (in case i need a break or two!) so think i'm good to go! oh, and i plan on visiting my fave old vintage stores while i'm there so i am super excited about that....

i hung a fab piece of vintage artwork (it is actually very cool framed fabric!) i bought at the last rose bowl and i have to say it is pretty perfect in my living room....

until next time....

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. Love the artwork. What a great find!

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