Thursday, July 7, 2011

celebrating independence

this weekend started with an amazing 4th of july on monday! i spent the day at a new friend's place (i met her in one of my creative classes while finding myself) in the venice canals.  if you haven't been, you should totally check out this hidden part of los angeles. her super cute bungalow is facing one of the canals and we spent the day watching a rubber duck race (i use the word "race" generously as those rubber ducks sort of meandered down the canal rather than raced) as well as some wind only boat races (no oars or engine power of any kind allowed).  it felt like an old fashioned american 4th of july! i just needed some sparklers! too bad they are illegal here.... and funny that the majority of the folks at the celebration i attended were british!  that evening i went to the hollywood bowl for a picnic and  fireworks, all while grooving to the sweet sounds of hall and oates! all in all a really great day!

interning this week has involved completing the project from last week of selecting 700 books for a client's library. the designer that gave me the project apologized to me today for giving me such a tedious task.  are you kidding me??? i told her i am just pretending i am stocking my own library and picking art and design books i only dream of owning. i hope the client is happy with a large percentage of mid century modern design books....

cad class is really hard. i almost cried in class tuesday night because i was so frustrated with the fact i am just not catching on as quickly as i would like to! i need to really buckle down this weekend and practice.

my jewelry metal smithing class starts up again tomorrow and i am very excited as we have been on a month break and i have so many ideas i can't wait to make a reality!

thought you might enjoy these pics from the 4th!

the ducks beginning their race down the canals

the boat race in progress as the ducks are still at it! love how these smart kids used umbrellas for wind power!

and the hollywood bowl fireworks show during hall & oates

until next time....

the almost 40 year old intern