Wednesday, July 27, 2011

flushed with pride!

well, i am still basking in the glow of praise on my little bedroom wall painting project which is really cool. so many folks saw the photos on design sponge (grace - you really are a rock star for sharing my project and i will forever be grateful!) and some even asked if they can share them on their own blogs!  check out my new friend kate's blog from russia! 4 Komnati blog ... i have to say it is beautiful! i scrolled through a bunch of her posts and  from looking at the photos she has a great eye! i just wish i could understand what she's sayin'.... oh and a good friend's sister wants to fly me to portland to paint the same design in her living room! how cool is that???

so, yesterday i learned i am the only intern in the office for the time being.... one of the kids i was working with returned to his home state for school and another is out of town for the next 2 weeks. i love it because i am everyone's go to gal right now!  no more jockeying with other interns for the "good" tasks! i spent most of yesterday running errands for one of the designers and the rest of the day finding the perfect toilet and sink color for a project... i have to say, i love the attention to detail in the office... your basic white kohler toilet just won't do! sometimes you have to think outside the box and explore colors like "cashmere" for your commode....

i knew i was in for it in my auto cad class last night when my teacher said "pay attention because what i am going to cover tonight is confusing!"  hmmm, i thought, so more confusing than the rest? well, i plowed through and plan on practicing this evening once i finish this post.

oh and this week i got some beautiful sunflowers at the farmers market for just a couple dollars! the darn things are so heavy that i searched and search for the perfect display container that wouldn't topple from their weight.... well! in the back of my cabinet i found a couple of the sad little cups i made in my pottery class (check out my "holy cow" post for details on that nightmare if you don't know what i am referring to... )... they work perfectly for the sunflowers as they are heavy suckers!

and i made this fab cuff bracelet in my jewelry metal smithing class on friday. pretty cool for $1 worth of aluminum (silver is WAY too pricey!) from my local osh hardware store...

stay tuned for photos from my next diy project! a fellow unemployed friend spent the day helping me tape off the walls in my hallway...

lastly, i joined twitter this week.  i still do not really understand how it works but i am on it and plan on tweeting this post once i am done... if you are a twitterer (???) you can find me at al40yroldintern  ...

until next time!

the almost 40 year old intern


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