Wednesday, July 20, 2011

fresh from the farm

this week i am still basking in the glow of my amazing newly painted bedroom wall (have i mentioned how much i love it???) and nothings gonna get me down... except perhaps my tuesday night auto cad class... ugh! i am 4 weeks in and still waiting for it to click with my brain and tonight was no different....  i just keep reminding myself that i am a really smart person and that i should be getting this and hopefully someday i will... 

interning today was really great... my new favorite designer sent me to some fab stores i have never been to in order to pick up items for a couple of her projects... i spent some time exploring the stores and dreaming of items i want for myself or future clients.... i love that i seem to have become this designer's go to gal!

so, other than my obsession with peonies (and sadness that the season for them in la is so darn short!) my other favorite farmers' market find during this time of year is pluots! if you have never tried them i highly recommend them.... this fabulous fruit that is a cross between a plum and an apricot.... i rarely see them in local grocery stores and discovered them a few summers ago at my local farmers market... they come in lots of different variations but my favorites have this groovy dark pink and green marbled skin and the insides of them are a dark fuchsia and the taste is always amazing! i have no idea if they are a new fangled fruit or if they have been around for ages and i just never saw them during my midwestern youth.... the season is only a few weeks long and ending soon so snap them up while you can! trust me, they can add a little happy to your day!

oh and my other favorite find at the local farmers market is a $3 bunch of pink flowering weeds (really, when i asked the guy selling them what type of flowers they were he said "weeds").... they look great in these vintage glass medicine bottles i picked up at a yard sale in iowa.... one bunch fills 10 bottles scattered throughout my apartment!

until next time.....

the almost 40 year old intern