Friday, July 22, 2011

i'd like to thank....

so, i woke up this morning to AMAZING news!! my very favorite design website - design sponge - loved the results of my carmageddon bedroom painting diy project so much that they posted photos of it on their site!  you can view their write up here: design * sponge
i can't even begin to tell you how flattering that was and really the perfect way to start my day!  and the best part about it was reading the really great comments that many of their fans and followers left complimenting my work! it really makes me feel confident that i am on the right path (finally!!)...

so, a number of people have sent comments asking me what paint i used to make this happen and i can't figure out for the life of me if there is a way to reply directly to them so i am posting answers here.... allyson r.  and julie c. - when i went into home depot i asked for a quart of the cheapest flat white paint that they had and they told me to buy rust-oleum painter's touch.  it is so inexpensive (i think it was around $7) that they didn't bother to come up with a fancier name other than white, which actually made it easy for me to choose! and i only needed one quart for the project... i bought the black as well but in my opinion it was a little shiny for a "flat" paint and a little runny which helped me in my decision to ditch it.  as for the gold, i started with a martha stewart color that i bought that was terrible and looked nothing like the color in the clear plastic jar (whatever you do, don't buy martha stewart metallic paint in the bronze color.. it was horrible!) so thankfully i found a tiny bottle of acrylic paint (i think i paid $2 for at the craft store years ago)  and i used a small brush to paint it within my hexagon stencil...  i am shocked that it lasted through the project!  I spent less than $30 on supplies (including cheap brushes, drop clothes, tape, and the black and gold paint i didn't use).... the base color was already on my walls (as it has been for the last several years) and is a light taupe color. hope this helps!

and fiona - please scroll down to see the template we used....

kate- thanks for asking! yes, you may use my photos for your blog if you reference my blog as the source of them and link to it...

see photos of the paint below....


  1. Totally amazed that you used the cheapest supplies possibles- yet the outcome is gorgeous! Way to be frugal... and fabulous ;)!

  2. Hi Holly!
    Thanks for the permission! And thanks for your letter, it was so sweet! My work is done, and here the link is -
    But it's still in russian:)

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