Sunday, July 31, 2011

queen of procrastination?

so this weekend has been really great.... and i have had a great time avoiding my auto cad homework... as i sit at my computer now writing this blog post i can feel the cad monkey on my back....  amazing that i can spend 10 hours on a home painting project or some other fun crafty design thing but can't seem to motivate to sit at my computer and practice cad... some things never change... i was the same in college the first time around, waiting till the last minute to get homework done (well, minus the computer because i didn't have one in the dark ages when i was in college but you know what i mean...)... i am an amazing multi-tasker with most stuff but right now i really just want to spend all my time creating something cool and tangible rather than trying to remember the commands to type a series of lines on my computer...

yesterday i went to an event in santa monica called unique la and i have to say i was so inspired by all of the creativity in the building... it was a show featuring local artisans displaying and selling their wares and i saw some really great stuff! i also discovered this flower that i am newly obsessed with (see above photo) called agapantha... i have never seen them for sale, only growing in people's yards and they are so pretty with these long elegant stems.  this one was given to me by someone working at the show and i have to say it looks pretty cute in my vintage bird creamer!  i only wish i had more... hopefully i can keep myself from snipping them from private property around town... i can see the headlines now.... almost 40 year old intern arrested for flower theft from local lawns... ha!

i met a cool guy at the event that makes these great chairs out of old shipping pallets. they can be used indoors or out and they fold flat. nifty, huh?

so, i painted these groovy gold and white horizontal stripes in the hallway leading into my bedroom. no photos of the entire space to share with you yet because i am still trying to sort out an inexpensive lighting solution for that space. it needs a lot more light than what is currently there in order to reflect the great metallic paint and i had an idea in my head for what would work but at the moment it isn't working... hopefully after tuesday's cad class i will get it together.

a close friend of mine celebrated her 40th birthday last night and just called me today to say that it really sucks to now have to say she is 40 and she isn't where she planned on being by this time... yeah, i feel for her and i am trying not to dread my upcoming big bday... at least i still have a few months to go but time sure is flying these days....

so, i had to share the below photo. i was walking in the hollywood hills the other day and saw that some folks painted the image of their dog on the outside of their fence and cut a hole at their dog's face level in order for him to peer out at people. too cute!

until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. Funny idea! Love the dog

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