Monday, August 29, 2011

california dreamin'...

so last week ended wonderfully! on thursday while interning i was sent on an errand to a client's home. this particular project is very close to finished and it was really cool to see THE designer's work on a residence up close in person... i had only seen it in photos (which are pretty amazing) up until this point.  and i helped collect some of the items used in this project (during many of my intern errands!) so that was pretty cool to see them in their final home! oh and i also got to visit a job site of a project that is in the middle of construction. i know what the planned end result is going to be and to see the process in works is really awesome! all in all a great day for soaking up knowledge...

i spent the weekend in newport beach with my aunt and cousin (they invited me for a fun girls weekend) and it was so beautiful and relaxing!  a great weekend chillin' with family with blue skies and cupcakes (courtesy of sprinkles in la)... what more does a gal need?  oh and as a side note i met the gal that started sprinkles while working out at the gym last week.  her story is pretty inspiring! she quit a high pressure job in investment banking to start a little cupcake shop which just happened to cause the cupcake craze here in la and is now a big success!  plus she's a really cool down to earth chick!

and last night i learned that centsational girl posted my brass pendant diy as part of their best of the blogosphere! how awesome is that???? folks that found my site from their link have left me some of the nicest comments! what a fabulous start to the week!  i can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings...  dare i say my auto cad class tomorrow night could be amazing as well??

oh and before i sign off, below is a photo i took of my cousin's toddler's (does that make him my second cousin? i dunno...) tiny little footprints on the sand. so precious!

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until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern