Friday, August 19, 2011

cookies and compliments

well, this week was all in all really cool! Design*Sponge featured my groovy brass pendant how to as part of their diy spotlight on wednesday... it is pretty awesome to get so many great comments and compliments on my work from people who have never met me! i have lots of other ideas for diy projects in the works and am even more excited to share them!

oh and i saw adele in concert and have to say she is the best performer! i feel like we could be bff's! or at the very least, perhaps i can be her interior designer? she is sassy, kooky and funny and tells the best stories! plus she is amazingly talented! her stage decor was super fab with lots of vintage lampshades hanging from the ceiling at various heights... inspiration for a future design project???? my camera phone pic is not the greatest but you get the jist...

interning this week was also great... i put some of my newly acquired  auto cad skills to use and then spent time at my very favorite antique hardware store taking photos for one of the designers... the only bummer is i was so caught up in all of the amazing finds at the store (they specialize in the most beautiful vintage drawer/cabinet pulls, hinges and door knobs and light fixtures) that i lost track of time and ended up with an expired meter and a $58 present from the city of la on my windshield! rats!!! that is my second interning related parking ticket in 6 months! well, at least i had some of my nonna's biscotti (fresh from a care package i just received from her) to eat my way through my parking meter sorrows... a little sugar always helps me deal with the not so fab things that come my way...  and plus, with the design*sponge glow this week nothing's gonna get me down!

until next time!

the almost 40 year old intern