Monday, August 15, 2011

d.i.why not? ceiling jewelry!

so, on friday i was able to finally finish the pendant light i designed for my hallway and i have to say i am pretty proud of how it turned out! since i used my metal smithing class to work on it i like to call it jewelry for my ceiling!  oh and my friends in class were cheering me on and giving me helpful suggestions throughout the process which was pretty awesome...  i have to say i love the results and the effect it creates in my newly striped hallway is exactly what i was going for! oh and the bedroom wall looks pretty cool with it too ... now i just need a cool rug (leopard print, i think!) to finish the look!

see below for the details on how i did it if you want to recreate your own spotted brass pendant!

i started with these supplies and a rough sketch on a post-it but ended up modifying slightly in order to achieve the look i wanted... scroll to the bottom of this post for the full materials list:

first i took my sheets of very thin brass and used my circle template (who knew i would still have use for my drafting supplies??) to draw my design on the first piece.

then i used a tool we have in class called a disc cutter and a hammer to cut the holes in the brass sheets. i think that you can probably do this with a good hole puncher as this brass was pretty thin and easy to work with...

i used the first sheet with the punched holes as a template to trace all the others.... and once finished with the hole punching i lined them up and marked where i was going to drill holes to attach them to each other using rivets. i made my own rivets using 10 gauge soft brass wire but borrowed these from a friend and wished i had more because they were so easy to use and worked well! all you need is a hammer and a thick nail. my original plan was to weave thin wire through drilled holes so i drilled more holes than i needed... you just need to do 3 (top middle and bottom) for the end of each sheet you are attachnig. i  used a total of 4 brass sheets for the top shade and 2 for the bottom shade.

and i painted the light bulb holder and ceiling plate with the same gold paint  i used on my walls.

to attach the smaller shade to the larger i drilled 4 matching holes in the top of the bottom piece and also the bottom of the top piece in order to thread a 10 gauge straight piece of brass wire through each side (note that i did not end up using the brass tubing or the 16 gauge wire that i started with from osh. instead i used 10 gauge soft brass wire).  i also soldered 3 spokes (i cut from the same 10 gauge wire) to a circle of brass in order to attach the top piece to the pendant holder (again, you could probably achieve the same look by just bending wire spoke around a circle of brass without the soldering). this way i just needed to slip it over the part that holds the bulb and screw the open round plastic donut (i have no idea what this plastic piece is called but it comes with the pendant kit i used!) to hold it in place.

i had a friend help guide me when attaching the pieces while hanging.   i waited to cut the excess wire after threading them through to top and bottom piece. i just used needle nose pliers to bend the ends in order to hold them in place.

the great thing about these materials is that they are lightweight and easy to manipulate to get the balance right on your ceiling... oh and not only does this light fixture brighten the otherwise flat gold stripes, it also helps to mask the slight dripping and feathering that occurred while painting them. i wish i had learned about the green painters tape prior to this project! scotch blue tape was not my friend when painting my unevenly textured walls... i still need to do a smidge of touch up work...

and here it is!

i think it even looks cool unlit (yeah, this hallway really does get no natural light at the high point... even better that i have this groovy new light!)....

this is what my hall light looked like before... gross old  halogen fixture... the stripes and the pendant sure jazz it up!

materials list below:

office reveal photos coming later this week... i will be busy at my internship tomorrow... i can't believe this is my 50th post!  i have come such a long way from my first post...

oh and if you didn't already know... i created a facebook page... check it out and "like" it! and follow me on twitter! once i figure out how to add the widget to the home page for my blog i will do so... this modern technology can sometimes be a bit overwhelming..

until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. Awesome job, girl! I can't remember the previous light- what did it look like?

  2. I just found your blog through Design*Sponge and am smitten with it. I am 35 and recently left a great marketing job in SF to pursue a program in interior design. I spent a good portion of time looking through your site and connecting with what you are feeling. Fingers crossed that in a few months I will secure an internship and be your male counterpart :)

    Here is to both of us finding our path and fully embracing it!!!

  3. I love this ceiling jewelry! Nice job!

  4. Fantastic. Love the originality. And it looks so classy for a DIY.

    (Also like your stripe paint job.)

  5. I love this idea! I pinned it. :o)

  6. Looks great, congrats.

  7. If you still have them, I have a suggestion for all those brass circles left over from this project. I was in Cape Code this summer and all the cute homes had these mirrored icicles hanging from the trees in their front yards (along with amazing hedges of hydrangeas!)The icicles were made from clear fishing line with mirrored circles glued on them. They were yard bling! They looked something like this.

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  9. I love the stripes!!! added it to my blog:) come check it out.

  10. thanks one productive mom for sharing on your blog! i did check it out and it is super cute!

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  12. really? for real, really???

    what can't you do?

    while you ponder that, why not take a sec to remove the darn word verification requirement for your comments. it's bugger of a trip up for those of us comment-aholics.

  13. thanks for all the great comments amy! yeah, i have no idea how to change that verification thing on my blog but i appreciate you sticking through it and saying so many nice things! xoxo

  14. WOW! I love everything! All that gold is fantastic. Well done.

  15. hi there, love this! I scrolled through your blog and was wondering if you have a tutorial on these amazing striped walls? What colors you used, etc. Thanks!

    1. thanks jenny! i didn't write a tutorial on the gold striped walls. i will say that if you do try them be sure to invest in some good tape because that will make all the difference. i made the mistake of using scotch blue tape for this project and because the martha stewart paint that i used was very watery it feathered and dripped quite a bit and i had to spend a lot of time touching up the areas where it did. you should try the frog tape for this. when i mentioned the martha stewart paint being watery to my home depot paint dept gal she said they had a lot of customer complaints about it. i worked with the off white/beige color already on the walls and then added gold and white stripes. for the white i used the cheapest flat white paint they had at home depot and it worked fine. i wasn't happy with the martha stewart gold for reasons mentioned above and would not recommend it. hope this helps. feel free to reach out if you have more questions! thanks for taking the time to write! xo

  16. Thanks so much for the info! I've also heard a trick to painting stripes: paint the edges of the tape (within your stripes) with your background color first to seal the edges, then fill with the stripe color. I haven't actually done this, but it makes sense! I wonder if that would help with an unruly/runny paint. I really love the multi-stripe you did here, and it's helpful to know it's actually a metallic paint. I love it! Thanks again xox

  17. I'm SO glad I spotted your gold stripe post and saw your paint review! I am just getting ready to stencil a wall in white and gold this coming week and was looking for a gold metallic paint suggestion. Have you seen any others besides the Martha Stewart? Thanks and nicely done!

    1. Thanks Dani! The only gold metallic wall paint I have seen is the Martha Stewart. How big is your pattern? I used a tiny tube of art paint on the hexagon walls I stenciled. I love how it turned out. you can see it here:

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