Wednesday, August 24, 2011

flea market fantasies

interning yesterday was good... i got a glass and mirror lesson from possibly the sweetest older man ever while running an errand for one of the designers. i was trying to help her achieve the effect that she wanted while sourcing glass and mirror for a custom table top. the owner of the glass shop was so amazingly patient in explaining what would work and what doesn't work while we layered different colored glass tiles on top of each other.. it is moments like that where i am confident that i am learning a lot more in this internship than i ever could in school... of course i tucked his card away for my own future projects... oh, and i was able to practice more auto cad in the office so all in all a pretty good day!

so, you may be wondering what the story is with the photo at the top of this post of what i believe are possibly the most amazing vintage lawn chairs on the planet.  well, i like to call these my "someday" chairs... i was at a local flea market this weekend and spotted them and was desperately trying to figure out how i could get them home and make them work for my space.  the price was amazing and and i doubt i will ever see these same chairs at that price or even double or triple or quadruple that price ever again in my life (can you get a sense of my extreme regret in not buying these beauties???)... mind you, i don't have a lawn or even a balcony....  nor do i own a truck to have hauled these the 20 miles to my home... oh, and no garage or storage space to speak of either... so, all i have of these chairs is this little camera phone photo to hang onto for "someday" when i have the home, the yard, the fab design career.... that would justify these chairs.  insert big sigh....

i did find these groovy spools of vintage boucle yarn in two of my most favorite colors! i think they are beautiful to display on a shelf and also perfect to wrap a gift! i love love love wrapping gifts even more than buying them... i do have a dream of having a home with a room specifically devoted to wrapping gifts just like candy spelling... heaven!

oh and i am a sucker for well merchandised items and there was a gal at the market selling vintage wooden printing blocks and i loved how she had them displayed in this silver tray! of course i had to buy my name!

tonight i am going to attend my friend's monthly fred talks ... i met so many cool people at the last one where i was a speaker.... one of them was this cool gal that is a pastry chef... she specializes in vegan desserts.  i am a big carnivore/ midwestern raised milk drinker so vegan isn't usually a selling point for me.... however i have a sweet little nephew with massive food allergies (wheat, dairy, eggs) so i am always on the lookout for recipes to send my sister. well, this gal lauren, creator of delectable you, brought the most amazing chocolate cake balls with sea salt to the event! they were heaven and you couldn't tell they were vegan from tasting them! she and was kind enough to send the recipe to me for my sister... i hope she brings them again tonight!

and i want to send a shout out to my new fan in san fran courtney.... thanks for the very sweet messages you have left on my posts & i love that you are also in the midst of a career reinvention! the same goes for bromliad... i appreciate you saying that my diy doesnt look diy... i think that is one of the best compliments, and btw your blog is beautiful! a big xo to you both!

before i forget.... i am working on my next big fabulous diy project... anyone reading this post have a fire retardant spray you can recommend? i found a few online and can't decide which to order....

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until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. See that is the difference between you and me....I would have bought the chairs and put them in my living room for a year. I had a cane backed chair I found for $28 sitting in my garage for a year until I recently covered it. And thanks for the shout out!

  2. yep, courtney, i do that often as well... i just overthought it with these massive chairs... my living room is not that big:(
    but i do have to say that passing these up is my biggest flea market regret to date...