Sunday, August 7, 2011

let there be light!

apologies for the delay between posts.. i was off the grid for the last few days as i was in the middle of repainting my very small office (it is technically a closet). you see, last year when i started redoing my apartment i had the bright idea of painting my office a light blush color.  well, the actual color i painted was not so much blush but more of a pepto bismol color (yeah, paint never looks the same as what is in the can)... and while i was painting i kept thinking it would look much better when it dried. and it didn't. so, i kept meaning to paint over it for the last several months but never got around to it (just the thought of the hours it would take to cover all that pink was exhausting...).  until i found the perfect vintage pendant light for the space at the flea market a month ago  (only 20 bucks!) and my parents were planning on a visit which meant i had a free handyman (dad!) at my disposal so i was really motivated to complete my repainting project in time for this past weekend.

i don't care how old i get, i will always love having a dad that knows how to fix things and do pretty much anything.  he did own the entire 1970's/80's era time life series of books on how to fix and build pretty much anything in your home &  he is always my go to guy when it comes to anything car and home related that needs fixing that i can't handle on my own (no way am i navigating the 1920s era electrical wires hidden in my walls). so, i am very happy to say that dad installed my new vintage light and when lit it casts a really cool shadow on my freshly painted white walls! woo hoo!  i will have full office reveal photos in a few days ...

now if i could just find a boyfriend that is just as handy... i don't know what it is about guys i've been meeting these days, they don't seem to even know how to change their own flat tire. perhaps i should create an ad saying something like "looking for a guy with tools that knows how to use them..."

below is a photo of the light when it is not lit.... still super cool.... oh, and yes, it did need to be rewired but that was very easily fixed with a westinghouse pendant light kit i purchased on for $12...

until next time....

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. Yay Dad! You have gotta love Dad- the man always had a million uses for duct tape.

    FYI- you can get a super cheap light kit from IKEA. It has a plug at the end but Dad could easily change it out. And it is like $4.

  2. I have this lamp, except it's clear, not dark! It was my grandmother's, and she got it as a gift in the 1960s. It fits very well into your office decor. :)

  3. amy rae that is awesome! i bet it looks great in clear acrylic! i really love this light and i was guessing it was early 70s... i love it even more now knowing it is from the 60's... you grandmother had great taste!

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