Wednesday, October 5, 2011

check your local listings.... i heart nate!

i want to start off by thanking design*sponge and centsational girl for highlighting my fab painted pink rug diy project on their sites and to better after for highlighting my closet-office makeover.... and also a great BIG thank you to all the folks that have left the nicest compliments on my blog!!!  it just helps make me feel that much more confident about my crazy decision to jump off my former career track and start over and try my hand at design as a 39 year old interior design intern. it is really great to know that a bunch of really cool people in the online world seem to like what i have done!!! 

so, you may have noticed a bit of a delay between this post and my last post... well, i was on the east coast for a few days... taping a segment for THE NATE BERKUS SHOW!!!! (insert major multiple squeals of delight here!!!)... i just recently got the big news that they wanted me on the show and i headed to nyc to meet the man himself! the last week and a half was a whirlwind of last minute diy projects (the groovy pink painted rug, and another one that has yet to be revealed) mixed in with interning....

no way was i going to shoot a video of my home for nate without everything that i had been planning on doing to my apartment totally done! so, i have many diy related blisters and scrapes on my hands along with shredded nails to show for it... if you watch the show you may wonder "why is she standing with her hands clasped in front of her like a disney princess character during her house proud video?" well, the reason was because i had no time for a pre-video manicure and was very self conscious (i chose a painted rug over painted nails!)... but you know what?  it was worth it! and when i arrived at the nate show studio the morning of my segment taping, the hair and makeup gals did such a great job of making me look polished (i was operating on little sleep due to the pre-show excitement and it was raining and there was lots of humidity in the air that day... i was so thankful to have their help)..  here i am outside my dressing room....

let me just say that not only is nate berkus amazingly talented (i have admired him for so many years!), he is super cute and super sweet and sincere in person (yay!) and his producers were fabulous to work with (great big shout out to emily collette and her right hand gal amanda!!)...and thank you to the sound gurus for working that microphone around my hot pink necklace (it was touch & go there for a minute and i almost had to lose it!)!! every single person i met working on the show was so super cool!  the day was amazing and exciting and it felt like an out of body experience! i can't believe i was invited to be on his show! WOW! hopefully my overuse of exclamation points in this post are conveying my excitement!

i will say that right now my memory is a little foggy on some of it and frankly i am having just a smidge of post show anxiety and have a feeling there were more than a few dorky moments by me on air... like, did i really blurt out "i'm so excited to be here" when nate said he really admired me for what i was doing, starting over as an intern???  i do remember nate saying that he thought my place was really cute after we demo'd a diy together... i really hope that bit was caught on camera because it was pretty awesome and i think i may have swooned...

well, it will all be revealed next week. wednesday, october 12th to be exact (brooke shields and cute chef curtis stone are on the same show). i am one of the last segments...  so, set your dvrs or vcrs or watch it live if you are interested in checking out my big daytime tv debut!

above is a pic of me with my nate audience cheering squad (nonna, my sister & and my very fab friend) outside of the studios right after the taping... knowing they were there, sending me positive vibes, really helped me through it! oh, and my friend randomly ended up on stage with nate and curtis stone right before my segment began!!! how cool is that???  so keep a look out for her as well....

i recovered from the excitement of the show taping by visiting my nonna for the following few days. i am so happy she was able to be in the audience on my big day and she was very proud of me which meant a lot. oh, and she brought several pounds of her homemade biscotti for nate and his producers to enjoy.... and then she fed my sister and me lots and lots of yummy italian food at her home in the days following! all of my favorite dishes... and i am not ashamed to say i ate every bit of it! and i topped it off with some cannoli from her local italian bakery... now i am back in la and working it all off....

so, the photo at the very top of this post is of these really cool vintage glass ball and atlas jars i found buried in nonna's basement. how perfect are they for flowers??? and they have amazing lids with a really cool raised design on them... i was able to make room for a bunch of them in my carry on and i am glad i did!

when i returned to la i went to see one of my favorite bands, called elbow, with a good friend... if you haven't heard of them and are looking for some good music i highly recommend you give them a listen! they write really beautiful songs and tell wonderful stories during their live shows! so, go to your itunes and check out two of my fave songs "one day like this" and "weather to fly" and i guarantee you will love them as much as i do. both just put a smile on my face! and seeing them, added to my nate show afterglow, was pretty awesome!

before i end this post i want to give a shout out to kari over at gracefull life blog... she left some sweet comments on my blog so i checked hers out and saw she used the same blog service as me... i dropped her a note and asked for technical blog advice and she was able to give me some clear instructions on adding facebook, pinterest and twitter buttons to my blog homepage... 'cause for the life of me i couldn't figure out how to do it on my own and none of my friends could help either.... at one point my sister suggested that perhaps i needed an intern to help me with stuff like that since i can't seem to figure it out (yeah... i can see the ad now... almost 40 year old intern seeks intern for light blog work? hmmm....).

so, for those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more about me you can by going here...

until next time...

the almost 40 year old intern


  1. I am so happy for you I could squeal...oops, I think I just did! I saw your feature over at Centsational Girl (only the #1 decor blog in the US of A!!!!) and I was so proud of you. You are doin' it girlfriend and I am cheering away from afar 'cuz you are livin' the dream!

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!
    Cannot wait to see you on Nate!!!

  2. Oh and I totally want to be your intern. :)

  3. That is SO amazing!!!! This is just the start of your amazing journey!!!!

  4. thanks you guys! it still feels unreal to me! xoxo

  5. As soon as I saw your pink rug, I knew I had to become a follower. Congrats on being on the Nate show...super exciting! I'm looking forward to delving deeper into your blog.

  6. so very proud of you!

    cannot wait for the 12th!

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