Wednesday, November 30, 2011

d.i.why not? fab colorful ball ornament wreath

so, i have to say i am pretty proud of the groovy ball ornament wreath in the photo above!  isn't it just craftilicious!??? pretty craft-tastic??!! doesn't it look like something that belongs in anthropologie stores? well, remember the friend i mentioned that is stuck in the hospital now and for the next 10 weeks on pregnancy bedrest?  over the long weekend we had a fun day of crafting and making her hospital room a little brighter and prettier.  this friend hasn't done any crafting since her childhood and was catching up on reading my blog from her hospital bed (she's a busy high powered working gal normally but she has a little downtime these days) and asked me what "diy" means during a visit... well, i'm  not gonna lie.... this question made her husband and me giggle...

i had a few ideas for her room and thought it would be fun for her to work on them too... nothing sucks worse than being in the hospital for even a day or a few days and i can't imagine 10 weeks of it... i needed to come up with something that was easy to do (especially for someone that doesn't normally craft), and could be done while lying down.... i had lots of left over embroidery hoops from my veneer pendant light diy as well as my clothespin starburst wall art and i saw these fabulous brightly colored ball ornaments at the 99 cent only store and knew just what we needed to do with them that would be perfect to jazz up the otherwise lame hospital room! the fab bright colors they came in (pink, bright blue, fuchsia, bright green and metallic gold and silver) were amazing!

we covered her bed with a plastic tablecloth before we started in order to protect her sheets from what was sure to be an explosion of glitter from the sparkly ornaments and we blew through a day having a good ol' time making these fab wreaths! and they are so easy to make you really CAN make them while lying in bed (my friend isn't allowed to sit up)!! and here's how we did it! warning: be prepared to be sparkly for the next few days because the wonderful glitter from all those ornaments will stick with ya for a bit!

  • embroidery hoops
  • colorful ball christmas ornaments in varying sizes (i shopped around and the ones at the 99 cent store were the best deal for a tube of 8 - 10 for 99 cents!)
  • thin wire
  • wire cutters
how to do it:
  1. thread a few ornaments onto a piece of wire (we did 3 to 4 ornaments per piece of wire and you are threading your ornaments through the do-dad on the end of them that hangs them on the tree). 
  2. wrap the wire with the ornaments around the embroidery hoop and twist the wire closed so that it is securely fastened. then trim the wire
  3. repeat the process until the embroidery hoop is covered (we used approximately 60 ornaments for the wreath in the pic at the top of this post!)
  4. ooh and ahh and brag to all your friends about the fab piece you created!

the cool thing about doing it this way is no messy glue gun.... and you aren't committed to placement on the hoop because you can always shift the wire rows a bit to get the color placement you want when you are finished!

oh, and i had to cover the not so fab hospital room standard artwork with tinsel garland as well as the clock.... and even a little tinsel wreath for the tv... and a little photo collage of her and the hubby and pretty outdoor shots...  basically, everything that is in my friend's view while laying in her hospital bed is a bit prettier.  we didn't worry about balancing out the room because what matters most is what she can see and enjoy from her bed! and the best result of the project is that word has spread around the nurses' station and she has been getting lots of visitors that want to check her room out.  yay! so much better than the before photo don't you think??

so, you sure don't have to be in the hospital to enjoy this one!  holiday wall art! christmas gifts! holiday party hostess gift! really, the options are endless! 

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the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Monday, November 28, 2011

motel mondays: part five

welcome to my 5th edition of motel mondays! this motel (the hollywood center motel) is located on sunset blvd in the heart of hollywood.  i feel like one of the guys from american pickers saying this but i really do dig how rusty and old this sign is.  it has so much character with the faded blues and pinks that in my opinion make it that much more awesome! it is easy to miss this sign while driving down sunset because it doesn't really stand out from the other buildings but when you stop and take a look it is pretty groovy! when i was taking these photos some backpacking tourists were walking by and stopped to look up at the sign i was photographing and decided it was cool enough to take their own photos. oh, and it may not look like it but it is still in operation! and a bit of trivia for you... a scene from the film l.a. confidential was shot here.

so, i don't know about you but i ate way too much this past weekend.  it started with overindulging at my friend's house at thanksgiving dinner and then i continued the trend throughout the weekend. and even though i spent time at the gym, we all know that for every 10 hours of working out you burn approx one snickers bar.  ok so maybe i am exaggerating slightly but i don't think i am that far off from the sad reality... anyhow, i also spent a lot of time, while in a food coma, online looking at my favorite design sites and having total craft-envy over projects done by some of my fellow bloggers.... a lot of it i put on my pinterest.  but i want to send a shout out to one gal in particular who has a blog called matsutake and she posts some groovy diy projects of her own... two of her recent ones are my current faves.  the photo above is of a boring ikea table that she transformed into a desk jonathan adler would be proud to own and the chair is a $5 garage sale find that she recovered with a vintage mexican dress.  well, learning how to reupholster is one of my goals for 2012 and i hope i can create something even half as beautiful. so, if you want to know how she did these you should totally check her blog out!  and nope, i don't know how to pronounce matsutake but i should probably ask...

lots of friends and friends of friends have been telling me how much they loved my crayon starburst wall art and how they want one for their own wall.  and not all of them are moms, but just single gals like me that appreciate lovely colorful crayon art!
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

d.i.why not? crayon starburst sunburst wall art

so, you probably know by now that i haven't quite gotten my love of starbursts and sunbursts out of my system...  from my clothespin sunburst wall art and starburst urchin sculptures and even my modern geometric starburst rug diy...  i can't help it! i love how sculputural they are and i really think that a starburst and sunburst is a just a great sign of something happy!  and we all need a little bit of happy...  right???

i have also become a little obsessed with crayon wall art lately.  i have loved crayons and coloring ever since i was a little girl.  and i especially loved when i had a fresh box of crayola crayons to color with (and even better if it was one of the zillion count boxes with so many amazing color choices!)!  my slight tendency toward being a smidge type A may have also stemmed from my days of coloring...  i just couldn't allow someone to color with me that couldn't stay within the lines (oh yeah, i was that little girl!)...  anyhow, i pinned some groovy modern crayon wall art on my pinterest board a while back that involved using a hairdryer and melting crayons on a canvas (cool, right?? melted crayon art??) and i have been wanting to do something on my own with crayons ever since i saw that but i wasn't quite sure what.  you may have read the curbly post i wrote about my love of white walls and how bright colors pop so well off of them...  well, i have to say this crayon starburst just kinda proves the point don't ya think???

oh, and i found the perfect home for this one... nope, i don't believe this project is only for kids (one will be hanging in my apartment as well!) but it sure does look cute in my friend's daughter's room, with her fun butterfly wall stencils, don't ya think?  and my little "client" seems pretty happy with it from the big smile on her face... so, perhaps instead of risking your life and possibly being trampled at a black friday sale this weekend, you can be productive and make one of your own?  wall art for your home, your kids room, even a fun little hostess or christmas gift, the options are endless... oh and yep, you can even add a mirror to this and make it into a crayon sunburst mirror! oh yeah!

get your glue gun ready and make a quick trip to the 99 cent only store because here's how you do it:

what you need:
  • 200 crayons (i used four 64 count boxes of crayons that cost me $.99 each from the 99 cent only store... crayolas were too expensive for this project and frankly, i love that these just say "crayons" on them!)
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  •  floral craft rings (i used one that was 6" and one that was 12")
  • wire and small metal washer or ring (to be used for hanging the finished piece to the wall)

step 1

step 2
step 3
step 4
  1. start with the larger ring and lay the first layer of crayons around it. once you have them placed around the ring, then glue each of them to the craft ring (leave a space near one of the holes in the craft ring in order to attach your wire and metal washer ring to it)
  2.  place the next layer of crayons on top, placing each crayon in between two crayons on the layer below and also placing the end of the crayon at approximately a third of the crayons below so that the tip of the crayon stands out from the crayons below
  3. attach the metal ring to the back using thin wire and then glue your crayons to cover the area (i used a brass ring left over from my perforated pendant light diy)
  4. place the crayons around the small ring, with the second layer of crayons laying directly on top of the lower layer
  5. hang the large ring to the wall with the smaller ring hanging centered within it (note that i chose not to attach these prior to hanging them and i just used a simple nail to hang the smaller ring resting on it in the center of the larger piece. if you want to attach them, i suggest you do it prior to step number 4)
  6. ooh and ahh and do a little happy dance because you just created something super fabulous!

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the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Monday, November 21, 2011

motel mondays: part four

welcome to another edition of motel mondays! i hope you all are enjoying these vintage motel signs as much as me... and if not, i guess you could always ignore my monday posts... so, this fab motel, the saharan motor hotel, is located on sunset boulevard, on the edge of hollywood.  i love this sign and can't decide if i like the view from the east side better than the west.... oh, and when  you look closely you can see that they incorporated 6 stars into the sign... does that technically mean this is a six star hotel???  genius!  and yeah i thought 5 stars was as high as it goes but a six star hotel is SUPER fancy, right?

well, interning has been pretty great these last few weeks... there is a lot of excitement in the office (and you can't help but get caught up in it all!) because THE designer's new venture (which is amazing by the way!) is launching this week.  seeing the whole project evolve from just drawings on paper (when i started interning) to now is pretty cool! and even better to know that i have contributed to it through various interning related projects and tasks...  i am really looking forward to seeing what my day at the office tomorrow brings!

a good friend of mine who is pregnant was just admitted to the hospital for bedrest for the next ten weeks. YIKES! anyhow, i hung out in her room over the weekend and we played some scrabble and discussed ideas for making her hospital room cuter since she's going to be there for a while.  i don't know what it is with the folks designing hospital rooms these days... they are so not cute and i feel badly for anyone that has to spend days or weeks in one of them. a bad floral wallpaper from the early 90's and a boring dry erase board does not make a pretty room!  anyhow, if any of you all have some ideas please send them my way. we are trying to come up with stuff that won't damage the walls, etc and possibly make that hospital bill any higher...

i took the above photo last week while out with a friend.  it was such an "only in l.a." moment when i witnessed the guy in a suit at the table next to us chatting on this shiny gold retro phone handset.  it just made me giggle... i feel like it was only last year when it was all the rage to have a super teeny tiny phone.  now we need a big handle to lug around with it?? love it!

another groovy diy coming later this week so stay tuned!  last week i was pretty excited when the 99 cent only store posted my starburst urchin sculpture diy on their facebook page. awesome, right?

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the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

d.i.why not? groovy modern lemon yellow geometric starburst rug

so, today's the day! my big reveal! know what that is above? yep, you guessed it, another fab rug diy! as you may imagine, a lot of my friends loved my pink geometric rug so much that they asked me to create one just for them....

one friend in particular had recently asked for my help applying a really cool temporary wallpaper by tempaper to her office walls.  she works in corporate america and as with most offices, the walls were pretty boring and nondescript...  really, the WHOLE office was boring and nondescript.  and she is so NOT that.  so, she picked out this really cool grey and white wallpaper (below) as step one in bringing her personality into her office...

and once I helped apply it to her walls (it was fairly easy to do once you got the hang of it!), we decided that she needed a big pop of color to offset it along with the reds she had already chosen for some of her accessories.  that's how we came to the idea for a yellow- lemon tart by behr to be exact (don't you just love the name????) - patterned rug... starting with a plain white ikea erslev rug.  i don't know about you all but i have been obsessed with the grey and yellow color combo for a while now... for fashion and home! and i am so glad i had the perfect project to highlight how fab they look together!

materials needed:
  • 1 1/2 quarts of paint (i used lemon tart in flat by behr)  note: when you go to the paint store it may be less expensive to buy a gallon rather than 2 quarts.
  • fabric medium (i mixed two 118 ml bottles into one quart of paint... i used a total of 5 bottles of fabric medium).  note: this time i used golden fabric medium because they were out of the liquitex but i didn't like it as much as the liquitex i used for my last rug diy so i am linking to the old one here....
  • 1 paint roller (i used a 3" roller)
  • 1 roll of scotch brand green masking tape (this tape will rock your world and is key in making the project a success! it sticks way better than the blue. i bought mine at home depot for around 3 bucks a roll)
  • 1 flat woven rug (i used the white erslev rug from ikea in the 4'7" x 6'7" size)
  • x-acto knife
  • measuring tape
  • calculator (there's some math involved)
here's how i did it:

1- i was inspired by a pattern created by madeline weinrib (i LOVE all of her designs!) and sketched it on a piece of paper

2 - i taped out a border within the rug that seemed straight (as we all know, 4 x 6 in a woven rug does not have straight right angles and i needed to start with as close to a straight border as i could)

3- after i taped the border i measured the inside space that i was going to work with and had my calculator handy to figure out the equal distance between the lines...

4. i then taped the straight horizontal and vertical lines of the design out first using long pieces of tape to ensure all of my rectangles and center lines would be as symmetrical as possible.
5. i then taped the long diagonal lines of the design traveling from both the left and the right sides
6. i then used my x-acto to lightly cut the design out of the tape without damaging the rug and then i also added the extra shorter triangles to the design so that it looked like this (as with the pink geometric rug, the process of taping out the design took the longest!)

7. i then pressed the tape down throughout the rug in order to be sure it was sticking to it really well
8. i mixed the fabric medium into the paint really well (this part is key)
9. i rolled the paint onto the rug and was careful to cover every white spot that was showing.
10. after several hours of drying i peeled the tape off the rug. 
and here's how the new rug looks in what once was a boring corporate office (and no, this was not staged for the photo, as evidenced by the desk in the background.  it is a real working office)...

and i used some of the leftover paint for the frames holding quirky wall art...

as well as a lemon yellow sunburst...  you all know from past projects how much i love making sunbursts for wall art...

oh, and you may recognize the fab yellow printed pillow on the sofa.... i used extra fabric left over from my dwell for target tablecloth used in my own office makeover to make it. now it looks more like a fun living room than a bland office. note: all of the furniture in the below pic is standard corporate issue and came with her office with the exception of the lamps and ottoman (that also functions as a coffee table with the thick round glass top)... and she needs lots of seating for meetings!

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the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Monday, November 14, 2011

motel mondays: part three

welcome to my 3rd edition of motel mondays.  the above motel (the motel grand) is on south la cienega blvd... this was the first motel my friend and i shot on our early morning adventure and these photos were taken at about 6:45 am when the sun finally came up. i have always loved the colors of this motel and the sign and drive by it often on my way to LAX.  my friend and i agree that it would look WAY cuter without the bars on the windows...

so, the hollywood motel that i featured last week found out about their being highlighted and commented on my blog post (albeit with an ad for their motel). but i still think that is awesome! especially since i didn't list the name of the motel anywhere in the post.  pretty cool, right? so, perhaps more people are into the idea of motel mondays than are commenting on them? hmm....

the highlight of my weekend was that i got to attend the premiere of the muppets movie! cool, right? i don't know about you but i LOVE the muppets and grew up watching the show with my family every single week it was on.  personally, i think they should bring the show back.  so, one of my very best friends worked on the film and invited me as a guest to attend the premiere. i walked the green carpet with her (and a great shade of kermit green it was!).  i also was on quite a sugar high with all of the sweet treats at the after party... 
and i loved that a lot of the attendees brought the kermit green into their fashion choices for the event! i went with miss piggy pink for my own ensemble. love the kermit addidas shoes one attendee was wearing (below)!
and the movie was a lot of fun and filled with awesome big musical numbers! and kermit and the gang were as awesome as ever with their human co-stars and i now have a soft spot in my heart for the newest muppet, walter... and i had no idea jason segel can really sing! and most of all i am so very super proud of my friend for helping to create something so awesome! so, add it to your "must see" list for this thanksgiving weekend!

lots of folks sent me really sweet messages about my guest blogging over at curbly. and many have asked about the groovy mod wine rack i posted on friday. well, their technical difficulties have been sorted out today (YAY) and you will all be able to get my full list of directions and supplies from my post on curbly here.... so head to your local home depot to get the stuff needed to make your very own!

my parents called to tell me that they also enjoyed my guest blog posts.  my dad said "i really like how you finally embraced using capital letters in those posts. they are much easier to read and you should really consider doing the same on your own blog because it looks much more professional and you were once an executive..."  i tried to explain that i just really love the look of a lower case font.   i always have.  and a great lower case typewriter font most of all... and plus, i'm not gonna lie... i am a slightly lazy typist.  and since you are all friends i hope you are not judging me for it...  at least i'm not shouting at everyone with all caps...

i have a new diy i am super proud of that i will be posting later this week so get ready! i hope it knocks your socks off!

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the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Friday, November 11, 2011

d.i.why not? amazing mod wine rack

So, some of you may have been wondering if the guest blog post a day at curbly was too much for me as I haven't linked to a post there for the last 2 days.... well, I survived my guest blogging but I think my bad technology karma transferred to them! My last diy for the week has been in some sort of Curbly server limbo/ purgatory for the last 2 days so you haven't been able to see it yet! And it is so very awesome that I can't wait to share it with you! The above photo is a teaser. All the supplies were purchased at Home Depot! And the main supply is 20 feet of drainage pipe! Yep, awesome, right? Personally, I think it looks like something that would be sold in a museum store!

And, it is not just a wine rack but a table too! And the options are endless, you can make it larger, wider, taller.... for a coffee table, console, art piece... you name it! Anyhow, my friend jimmy was the inventor of this beauty so i can't take credit for the creation of it.  He's a crafty prop master in Hollywood and he doesn't blog so I felt it was my duty to share it! And let me say he was super patient and awesome explaining the how to (because I had lots of questions!)!

  • Drainage pipe (4" diameter measuring 20 feet long)
  • 26 feet of vinyl coated wire rope (cost at my Home Depot store is $.36 a foot)
  • 4 turnbuckles (you can pony up for steel or use the less expensive zinc plated)
  • 8 cable clamps
  • 1 stainless steel clamp (this is to use as your guide when cutting the pipe)
  • a strong utility knife (for cutting the drainage pipe)
  • heavy duty wire cutters (for cutting the rope)
*note that a lot of these turnbuckles, clamps and wire rope come in varying materials with different prices attached to them so you can go super cheap or more expensive in your shopping.

How to make it:
Jimmy drew up the awesome illustration to accompany the directions below (love him!!)
  1.  Cut the drainage pipe into 18 - foot long tubes (if you don't have a power saw, this is where you use that industrial utility knife and the stainless steel clamp as your guide to cut against for a straight line)
  2. Cut the 26 feet of rope in half (two 13 feet pieces)
  3. Stand the 12" pipe sections on a table in the formation just like the above diagram
  4. Use 13 feet of the rope and thread it around the tubes as indicated in the RED color on the diagram. the rope should be placed about 3 inches from the end of the tubes
  5. Pull it tightly for a snug fit and make loops through the turnbuckle eyes and add the cable clamps
  6. Cut the excess rope (note you will be using this excess rope from the first 13 foot section for the next step) 
  7. Now wrap and attach the remaining bit of rope as indicated in the BLUE part of the diagram
  8. Tighten the turnbuckles to make it slightly snug
  9. Flip the formation of tubes upside down in order to repeat the process (again, laying the rope 3" from the end of the tubes) with your remaining 13 foot piece of rope
  10. Now that you are done, tighten all of the turnbuckles until the tubes are held together tightly
Now, ooh and ahh and remark in wonder at your fab creation!

You can add a thick glass or even a wood top to this to use it as a side table like Jimmy did....I love a two-fer! Anything that has double or triple duty in my book is a good thing, especially since I live in a small space. And, you can make it different sizes too.. it could be a wine rack coffee table, console, or even just a tall piece of modern art... the options are endless!

Interning this week was pretty cool.  I got to play with some scraps of brass cuttings in varying shapes to help create the design for the front of a piece of furniture. A really fun project! It almost felt like I was in my metal smithing class (which is always a good time)...

So I was back at the 99 cents store to buy more crystal picks to make more starburst urchin sculptures for friends. The ladies in my check out line were all asking me what they were and why I was buying so many (I may have gone overboard but I thought they might run out and they are only 99 cents a pack....). I showed them a photo on my phone and explained how to make them and two of the ladies jumped out of line to get some! Awesome!

Oh, and I don't know about you all but I made lots of wishes at 11:11 this morning. I figured since it was 11:11 on 11/11/11 that had to be super lucky.  I plan on doing the same thing tonight by the way!

So, for those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more about me you can by going here... and if you didn't already know... I created a facebook page... check it out and "like" it! And follow me on twitter!

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the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

d.i.why not? fabulous starburst urchin sculptures

well, this week has been full of excitement... today is the 3rd day of my guest blogging week at curbly.  for those of you that read my blog regularly you know that i don't normally write a post a day... i am generally a twice a week kinda gal....  well, this is because of the simple fact that i try to write when i think i have something interesting to share... because i know you all are busy and i appreciate you taking the time to read what i'm writing and i try to make it worth your while...

so,  i'm not gonna lie, i was really nervous when chris at curbly approached me with the guest blogging idea and asked that i do it for a whole week. YIKES! was my first thought. "what the heck am i gonna write about EVERY DAY that will be interesting?" was my second thought... anyhow, i got a lot of great feedback on monday's clothespin starburst diy and yesterday i wrote about my love of white walls and what you can do with them.... and now, here we are at today... my very latest d.i.why not?  starburst urchin sculptures! i am obsessed! and they cost me less than 5 bucks to make the pair! perfect for my intern budget!  they look pretty awesome in front of my groovy hand painted david hicks inspired bedroom wall!

and just one alone looks great! or you can group them with monday's clothespin starburst for a great display!

i love the 99 cent only store and bought most of my supplies there for this project! I found the most amazingly shaped crystal picks (they have a very cool graduated triangular shape at the ends that adds so much more dimension than your usual bamboo skewer!). And you can't beat the fab price of ninety-nine cents for a pack of one hundred.

and i love that they can be used year round... and the holiday possibilities are endless.... christmas tree topper, ornaments, table centerpieces, fireplace mantle displays... love it!

Here's what you need to create the same look:
  • play dough (or the generic "colored dough" from the 99 cent store like i used)
  • acrylic crystal picks (the ones that I used were Diamond brand)
  •  styrofoam ball (mine is 3" diameter)
 Directions for the shorter half starburst/ urchin (cost - $2):
  1. Roll a can's worth of play dough into a ball and flatten the bottom
  2. Push the crystal picks (I used 100) into it to create the urchin look (I actually think it looks pretty awesome with the clear acrylic picks as is... and I don't know about you but I LOVE things that look like lucite...)     
  3. Spray paint it (I used the left over gold metallic Rust-O-Leum spray paint from Monday's project and this kept my cost super low!)

Directions for the full standing starburst / urchin (cost $2.50):
  1. I pushed the crystal picks into the styrofoam ball, covering it (be sure to press them in as far as you can so that they are strong enough to hold the weight of the piece while standing (I used about 200 picks but you could use more if you wanted).
  2. Spray paint it the color of your choice (again, I think this looks pretty cool in it's clear state but for this project I covered it using the same can of metallic gold paint)

before i sign off i want to send a big thank you to lindsey at better after for posting my ac cover diy on her site this week! she has been so kind these last several months to share my various projects with her readers and i appreciate all of the great comments they leave! oh, and i heard a lot of folks found my blog from a post linking to my clothespin starburst diy on a place called gardenweb. how cool is that? i don't have a garden, or even a small patch of land to garden on but i do dream of it someday... and i really love that gardening guys and gals like my stuff so much to mention it in their chats!

so, for those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more about me you can by going here... and if you didn't already know... i created a facebook page... check it out and "like" it! and follow me on twitter!

until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

Monday, November 7, 2011

d.i.why not? golden starburst / sunburst wall art

so, i am really excited to share my new diy with you guys! i created this beauty for my very first guest blogger post over at curbly! loving the mid century modern vibe it is giving! so get your wooden clothespins and embroidery hoops ready (oh yeah!) and get ready! and i hope to see a lot of photos of this starburst/ sunburst... whatever you prefer to call it... on pinterest... i'm just sayin'....

So, if you love it too... here's all you need:
Supplies and Tools (under $10):
  • 96 wood clothespins (I got mine at Kmart for a whopping $3.99 per pack of 96)
  • embroidery hoops (I had left overs from some wood veneer pendant lights I made a couple of months ago. The smallest hoop measures 5" diameter, the medium hoop is 10" and the large is 15" )
  • a can of spray paint (I used Rust-O-Leum Specialty Metallic paint in shiny gold)
  • thin brass wire
And here's what you do:
  1. Clip the clothespins around the wooden hoops
  2. Spray paint the hoops with clothespins attached
  3. Make it as big or small as you'd like, I originally planned on 2 hoops but got so excited I decided to use all 96 clothespins and add a 3rd! My final piece measures 20" diameter
  4. Connect the hoops with thin brass wire
  5. Hang this fabulous creation on your wall (you can connect the hoops with wire like I did or you can just scatter them if you prefer)!
created at: 11/07/2011
created at: 11/07/2011

And this could also be pretty awesome as a table centerpiece with a pillar candle set in the center (perfect for the coming holidays!) or you can set a round mirror in the center!

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