Wednesday, November 30, 2011

d.i.why not? fab colorful ball ornament wreath

so, i have to say i am pretty proud of the groovy ball ornament wreath in the photo above!  isn't it just craftilicious!??? pretty craft-tastic??!! doesn't it look like something that belongs in anthropologie stores? well, remember the friend i mentioned that is stuck in the hospital now and for the next 10 weeks on pregnancy bedrest?  over the long weekend we had a fun day of crafting and making her hospital room a little brighter and prettier.  this friend hasn't done any crafting since her childhood and was catching up on reading my blog from her hospital bed (she's a busy high powered working gal normally but she has a little downtime these days) and asked me what "diy" means during a visit... well, i'm  not gonna lie.... this question made her husband and me giggle...

i had a few ideas for her room and thought it would be fun for her to work on them too... nothing sucks worse than being in the hospital for even a day or a few days and i can't imagine 10 weeks of it... i needed to come up with something that was easy to do (especially for someone that doesn't normally craft), and could be done while lying down.... i had lots of left over embroidery hoops from my veneer pendant light diy as well as my clothespin starburst wall art and i saw these fabulous brightly colored ball ornaments at the 99 cent only store and knew just what we needed to do with them that would be perfect to jazz up the otherwise lame hospital room! the fab bright colors they came in (pink, bright blue, fuchsia, bright green and metallic gold and silver) were amazing!

we covered her bed with a plastic tablecloth before we started in order to protect her sheets from what was sure to be an explosion of glitter from the sparkly ornaments and we blew through a day having a good ol' time making these fab wreaths! and they are so easy to make you really CAN make them while lying in bed (my friend isn't allowed to sit up)!! and here's how we did it! warning: be prepared to be sparkly for the next few days because the wonderful glitter from all those ornaments will stick with ya for a bit!

  • embroidery hoops
  • colorful ball christmas ornaments in varying sizes (i shopped around and the ones at the 99 cent store were the best deal for a tube of 8 - 10 for 99 cents!)
  • thin wire
  • wire cutters
how to do it:
  1. thread a few ornaments onto a piece of wire (we did 3 to 4 ornaments per piece of wire and you are threading your ornaments through the do-dad on the end of them that hangs them on the tree). 
  2. wrap the wire with the ornaments around the embroidery hoop and twist the wire closed so that it is securely fastened. then trim the wire
  3. repeat the process until the embroidery hoop is covered (we used approximately 60 ornaments for the wreath in the pic at the top of this post!)
  4. ooh and ahh and brag to all your friends about the fab piece you created!

the cool thing about doing it this way is no messy glue gun.... and you aren't committed to placement on the hoop because you can always shift the wire rows a bit to get the color placement you want when you are finished!

oh, and i had to cover the not so fab hospital room standard artwork with tinsel garland as well as the clock.... and even a little tinsel wreath for the tv... and a little photo collage of her and the hubby and pretty outdoor shots...  basically, everything that is in my friend's view while laying in her hospital bed is a bit prettier.  we didn't worry about balancing out the room because what matters most is what she can see and enjoy from her bed! and the best result of the project is that word has spread around the nurses' station and she has been getting lots of visitors that want to check her room out.  yay! so much better than the before photo don't you think??

so, you sure don't have to be in the hospital to enjoy this one!  holiday wall art! christmas gifts! holiday party hostess gift! really, the options are endless! 

so, for those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more about me you can by going here... and if you didn't already know... i created a facebook page... check it out and "like" it! and follow me on twitter and you can even follow my boards on pinterest too!

until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern


  1. what a great gift in so many ways to a friend with 10 weeks ! of pregnancy bed rest

  2. Only you could beautify a hospital room with tinsel! :)

    I hope the next 10 weeks fly by for your friend with good news!

    And yes, I will try this with the boys...

  3. hi! i have been following your blog since september, i'm a 23 year old intern trying to expand into the radio broadcasting industry. it has not been easy since i graduated college may 2010.

    nevertheless, your posts are hilarious and inspiring! i'm kinda crafty myself and i could spend hours reading craft blogs and diy posts before working on them myself.

    in your post, you wrote "(we did 304 ornaments per piece of wire)" that's three hundred and four ornaments per wreath? or did u use 1 piece of wire throughout? HELP!


  4. thanks anna! yep i was a little tinsel happy!

    jenna gee- YIKES thanks for catching my typo! i corrected it. we used 3 OR 4 ornaments per wire and a total of around 50 for the wreath in the pic at the top of the post.... as for interning, good for you! i bet you are getting amazing experience and if you stick with it and rock your internship good things will come your way! xo

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