Monday, January 23, 2012

motel mondays: part eight

it's that time of week again! happy motel monday!  today's photo was sent to me by a fab gal i know from my design classes.  she was driving through tucson, arizona and saw this beauty and just had to snap a pic!  it's the tucson inn and i have to say it is pretty groovy!  love the half sunburst look to this sign.  if you've been reading my blog for a bit you may have caught on to my love of sunbursts... so glad she sent this to share!  it's a rainy day here in l.a. and i love that this pic adds a bit of sunshine to my day.  and if any of you reading have a good vintage motel photo to share, let me know!

this weekend i went to the roller derby to see the la derby dolls.  i haven't been in about a year and every time i go i am reminded of how much i love everthing about it!  the celebration of girl power,  the hot dog on a stick truck (freshly made corn dogs!), and who doesn't love a sparkly rollor skate hanging like a disco ball decorating the warehouse track??  if you've never been i highly recommend checking it out in your town.  these gals have no fear and it is an action packed entertaining evening guaranteed!  kinda brings me back to the life of monthly roller skating parties as a kid... i went to catholic school and these were our major social events in junior high where i would don my dark gloria vanderbilt jeans, tease my hair high and put my groovy comb in my back pocket (major fashion do at the time! gotta love the 80's...)  and head to the roller rink with hopes of a fun evening and the possibility of skating with a boy i liked... anyhow, the roller derby is actually nothing like that, except for the whole roller skating part...  but it is pretty awesome.  the blurry bits in the photo above are the gals skating at break neck speeds, aggressively trying to win points for their teams...

my fave recent vintage find from the weekend is this groovy lighter case. i don't smoke but i love the silver and gold funky floral geometric pattern on it so i couldn't resist! plus, it opens to reveal a case large enough to store credit cards and cash so i could use it for that... but really, i like it as inspiration for a future wall treatment or artwork...  yeah, it's not the beautiful white slipper chairs i mentioned missing last week.  no, still haven't gotten over it. i just had lunch with a designer friend today who didn't hesitate to reiterate the fact that i was crazy to have passed those beauties up while thinking them over instead of snapping them up immediately.  i'll get over it someday i think... i hope.

working on some really fun projects this week!  helping one friend restyle her bedroom and another design her guest bedroom.  even working on a fun consulting project tied to my old executive life (gotta pay the bills!).  looking forward to seeing what interning brings tomorrow...

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

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