Monday, January 30, 2012

motel mondays: part nine

welcome to another edition of motel mondays!  today's motel photo was sent to me by one of my best friends.  it is the pala motel and is located in pomona, california.  so, pomona is quite a bit of a trek from where i live and i have only been there once... i made the journey to visit the l.a. county fair a couple of summers ago... soley to see hall & oates in concert as well as sample all of those amazing county fair fried delicacies (s'mores, snickers, etc.).   anyhow, my friend is in pomona every day for work.

i love this pink, orange & sparkly gold color combo so much!
she works with her dad at their very cool ceramic glazing company, f & m ceramics, constantly developing new glazes for some of the coolest ceramic companies around!  used for all things ceramic... from cool tile (like this AMAZING) crackle glass tile (above) to groovy dinnerware from companies like bauer, jeffrey court, and gainey...  i am in awe of her talent and creativity and i dream of the day where i have my own line of home products and can use them for some of my items!   and, let's be real, i also dream of the day of having proper tile on my bathroom floor rather than landloard chosen linoleum.  someday...

loving these groovy bauer mixing bowls

and these circle pots from gainey are on my wish list...
now i'm off to home depot for new painters tape.  my day was supposed to be devoted to my latest diy, i even reserved time with a friend that agreed to help me with it... well, sadly i have hit a snafu of painter's tape not sticking to my walls properly. so now i need to get the other, more expensive green tape! hopefully it will save the day and all will not be lost...  gotta get as much done today as i can since i am interning tomorrow!

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern