Monday, January 16, 2012

motel mondays: part seven... think pink!

welcome to the second 2012 edition of motel mondays! well, i have to say i think this is my very favorite one that i have featured so far!  my friend darin, who i have been on this vintage motel photo quest with, spotted it first, deep in the valley, and said it was a must see and that we had to shoot it!  well, i couldn't agree more!  i love this one! the pink motel... heaven!  this was also the toughest to choose my fave photos to use because i loved all of our photos! so, i am including lots of extra pics of this one at the bottom of this post so be sure to scroll down if you want to see more... and there is an awesome "eat" sign pointing to the restaurant here too!

so, i'm not afraid to admit i am a girly girl and love pink! fuchsia and barbie pink are my favorites but i am not discriminating... you may have noticed this from my fuchsia pink geometric rug diy as well as the pink vintage lamp in my bedroom... and one of my favorite films is funny face, starring audrey hepburn and fred astaire... and the scene where the magazine editor character leads a big song and dance number inviting everyone to "think pink" is so fab!

well, in keeping with today's theme from the pink motel, i thought i would share my latest pink obsessions...

don't ya just love the iphone handset? it was a gift from a friend who was with me a few months back when we spotted a guy using a shiny gold one at the table next to us. of course i squealed with delight when i opened this!  i still may not know how to use my iphone... but at least i will look cool using this with it!

and this photo is pretty amazing!! it was given to me by another good friend.  what a fab photo of an unknown singer (circa doris day)... straight from the capitol records archives! how cool is that?? and of course i had to make a spot for it in my photo collage wall....
from the capitol records archives
interning last week was pretty awesome all around (from the errand at the popstar client's home on tuesday to spending some time at an upholsterer's warehouse on thursday... have i mentioned how much i want to learn how to upholster my own stuff?  on my 2012  to do list for sure!)... hopefully tomorrow will be just as good!

and before i forget, a big thank you to courtney at courtney out loud for asking me to contriubute to his guest vignette blog series and featuring my photo collage wall and my thoughts behind it.  check it out here.  oh, and he introduced me to the word "tablescape." and he sure does a lot of these fancy tablescapes... yeah, i may have lived in l.a. for the past 15 years but the ohio in me was not cool enough to know that when you put together some fab dinner place settings and add some cool coordinating decorations (centerpiece, flowers, candles, etc) you end up with a tablescape! neat, right? we just called it a pretty table where i come from...

so, about those additional pink motel photos...

view of the motel with cadillac jacks restaurant in the background

view from the other side is just as awesome!

front of the sign pointing to the restaurant

the other side of that groovy restaurant sign! buddy is awesome!

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern