Friday, January 20, 2012

vintage dreams

groovy french mannequin heads - too pricey but had to take a photo! love!
i have been in a vintage furniture shopping flurry with a couple friends this past week.  on sunday i was at my very favorite flea market with one friend.  we were on a mission to furnish most of his new apartment so he rented a u-haul van for the day.  he was super nervous about driving it which i have to say added a little bit of comedy to the day!  i knew we were in trouble when the night before he left a message in a slightly high pitched voice saying, "well, they didn't have the small truck i requested and all they had was a very large van that i am not so comfortable with....."  well, no major accidents to report, just a lot of nervous moments, and i am very happy to say that we did fill his van with most of the items on our list! oh,and by the end of the day my friend was a whiz at parallel parking the massive van! oh and i was recovering from a minor medical procedure earlier in the week where the nurse told me not to exercise and to "take it easy" in the coming week. it wasn't until our 3rd trip to the u-haul where i realized that it probably wasn't what she had in mind when telling me to take it easy. i never thought of going to the flea market as a work out but i guess it kinda is. oops.

so, anyone that shops for vintage furniture and has done so regularly (as i have for the last 20 years) knows the golden rule... buy it now if you love it because you most likely won't ever see it again!  i even mentioned this rule to my friend as we were starting our day at the market (he's not a regular flea market shopper)... little did i know, i should have been listening to my own advice!  so, a while back i wrote about my "someday chairs."  you know, groovy vintage lawn chairs that i saw at the long beach flea market at a price so amazing that i actually considered buying them even though i have no lawn, no patio, no balcony... really no outdoor space to speak of and no chance of having such a space in the near future.  and yeah, i have seen enough episodes of hoarders that i am afraid of what my future might hold if i over indulge in pieces of furniture i have no space or immediate use for. so, i passed on these "someday" chairs. well, those are no longer my biggest vintage regret.
now, it is a lovely pair of vintage white slipper chairs that i saw on sunday.  i think doris day (love!) would have proudly displayed them in her home.  i saw these chairs (one in the above photo) when we arrived at 7:00 am and loved them immediately. caressed each one, sat in them for ages and for some reason decided to "think about it" even though the first price i was quoted (before any negotiating) was a good one.  it was raining and i think my brain just wasn't working properly... well, i decided that we would check back. sadly, they were sold when we walked by the vendor the second time. and then i was really bummed even though there was nothing i could do about it.  well, i thought, perhaps another dealer bought them and they would resurface in another booth?  nope, sadly not the case. i know where they ended up.  i saw them last night as i was catching up on reading emily henderson's blog. yep, i wasn't kidding when i mentioned a while back that we were on the same flea market schedule.  except this time it wasn't her, it was her partner on her hgtv show orlando.  he is the proud new owner of my chairs and they look just as awesome as i remember them.  insert great big sigh here. i guess i should look on the bright side. they did go to someone i "know" and like. even though we've never met...

so, here's a groovy chair my friend darin picked up at one of our fave valley vintage stores the next day (yep, the prices and stuff at this store makes it totally worthwhile for a trip over the hill)... oh and that $750 price tag? not a chance! we got it for $200.

and we found this really cool table that needs a lot of love but is going to be sooo awesome for his kitchen when we are done with it!!!  if anyone reading has suggestions on cleaning the stone top please send them my way!

and then he couldn't dream of passing up a pair of these lamps! in near mint condition, the bases spin and light up! they are going to be very cool in his living room!

and since, i was still smarting from my lost white slipper chairs, i jumped on it when i saw this one. i think reupholstered in a bright fuchsia chenille it is going to be super fab in my bedroom.  can't you see it against my gold hicks hexagon painted wall?

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern


  1. I saw the photo of that chair and was asking myself how there could be so many chairs like that one out there!! (I had seen the post Orlando did a couple days ago.) That's fun that you got to see their new home, but sorry you didn't snag them. I wonder if he'll reupholster them...

    1. yep, he mentioned in his post he would likely recover them (in grey linen... i would have done them in pink chenille for my place). truly they are so beautiful as is with just need of a good steam cleaning that there is no rush. another reason i am an idiot for not getting them :)

  2. OH MY GOD that happened to me too - WITH EMILY!!!!!! i wrote all about it on my blog!!!! crazy coincidence!

    1. hilarious! we've gotta watch out for them :) going to the rose bowl this weekend and will have to move quickly....

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