Monday, February 13, 2012

motel mondays: part 11

so, today's vintage motel is the fab silver saddle motel!  it is not too far from one of my friend darin's and my fave vintage stores.   i totally love the sign.  but what i love even more is the super fabulous horse on the building. 

oh, yeah!  the designers of this little gem were not afraid to fully embrace the theme!

i chose today's motel, the silver saddle, for a few reasons.  as you may have noticed, i have yet to post a diy for 2012.  i've had visions of amazing projects for 2012 because 2011 was so awesome.  i haven't had a lot of time since i returned from nepal to devote to my diys and sadly the few attempts i have made so far have produced disasterous results.  like the bathroom wall painting fiasco thanks to frog tape which produced before and after photos that i didn't bother sharing of white walls that became another shade of white.  yeah, impressive.  well, i am happy to say that i am back in the saddle again! phew!!

last week in metalsmithing class i made this groovy brass cuff bracelet.  first one i've ever made and i have to say i am pretty proud of the results!  and i love how when you heat brass it bring out this rose gold color because of the copper within... it is nowhere near perfect but i'm happy i was able to do it!  even more excited about this week's class

i am putting the finishing touches on what will hopefully be my first successful diy of 2012... unless disaster hits i will be sharing it with you very soon.  here's a tiny hint of what's to come...

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

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