Wednesday, March 28, 2012

alligator tales... part two

it's been a great week interning!  the designer that always seems to give me the most challenging tasks, bringing me WAY out of my comfort zone, did not disappoint... my big project was to create a custom wallpaper pattern using a piece of art (a painting) that had a mixture of many abstract shapes and colors as inspiration.  boy, it was tricky to get my head around!  while i have spent hours painting a wallpaper design on my bedroom wall, i have never created a whole new pattern on my own.  and one that had to be able to repeat seamlessly covering walls in a room.  so, the great thing is that the designer loved the end result!!! and after the 9 (yes, 9) hours i spent on it i was so happy to have gotten that praise (and let me tell you, this designer doesn't usually give praise unless he means it)!  and how cool that i now know how to do it for one of my own clients someday!
so, if you have been reading along for a while you know i tend to gush a bit about the gals in my metalsmithing class and how in awe of their talents i am... and a while back you may remember my mentioning my lovely british friend juliette from my metalsmithing class...  the gal with the alligator skin... well, she was able to create some amazing pieces with it!  all in the midst of failing 3 consecutive american drivers tests.  poor juliette can't seem to get a break there!  yesterday she unfortunately ventured into the bicycle lane during her latest test and got an automatic fail...

 anyhow, she has mastered the art of tanning an alligator skin! and getting the nasty fishy smell out of it (apparently that is a feat!) and completed some amazing items using that skin as well as some inspired by it!  i have seen the real pieces in person and was dying to share these photos with you.  i think they are beautiful and hope to make stuff nearly as amazing someday!  so, perhaps you can all send lots of good vibes and well wishes her way as she is a bit down about that darn driving test...  i do have faith that she is going to pass that sucker the next time!  the gal can tan an alligator skin for goodness sake!! she can do anything in my opinion...
there are some other gals in my class creating really beautiful things too!  above is a fab brazilian druzy quartz and sterling silver ring by a very talented gal named sarah that has a little business she calls jewel's daughter's jewels  (a total tongue twister but such a lovely ode to her mom!) and she has an etsy store where you can check out even more of her goodies!

below is a fab 60's inspired necklace using vintage and new parts by my friend mary ann eissa who i have mentioned before.  she also has an etsy store filled with fab finds!  both are definitely worth a look-see and buy-see!
and what i love about all of these gals is that they too are in the midst of second acts in their lives!

so all three of these ladies (along with other super talented artisans!) will be showing and selling their fab wares at the barnsdall art park sale this sunday in LA from 11-4! so if you are in the area, you should totally check it out! oh and you can pop by the hollyhock house if in the mood to see some great frank lloyd wright architecture... just steps away from the sale!

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern