Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a lovely table makeover

so, i don't know about you all but i really love a great makeover. whether it is a person getting a new do and duds or a dusty old worn thing getting a spiffy new look.  i'm not picky! making stuff prettier than what it once was is always groovy in my book.  as a child i used to give people and things mental makeovers in my head all the time and i am still guilty of doing it now.

so, you may recognize the table at the top of this post.  look a smidge familiar?? well, that is the very cool wire based table that my friend darin and i picked up on our jaunt to our fave valley vintage shops several weeks back.  it needed a lot, and i am not kidding when i say A LOT, of love.  the bones were great and it was the exact size and shape we were looking for but it was full of rust and peeling paint.  well, it is amazing what a good scrub and a fresh coat of glossy white paint can do!  right?
just a reminder of the before...
 oh, and the top was a disaster when we got it. i emailed photos to friends asking for advice on the best way to clean a stone top.  because we thought it was real stone. of the travertine variety to be exact.  so, a friend of a friend offered to sand the top off for us at his stone shop . amazing, right???  we made the trek to visit this new friend only to find out that what we had was in fact NOT stone but plaster made to look like stone.  and yes, we might have clued into that if we were paying attention to how light that tabletop was!
stained with a travertine look
anyhoo.... our new friend offered us an amazing deal on making a new marble table top for us! we were so excited to take him up on it and i have to say it looks fabulous!  like a million bucks... although thankfully it didn't cost us a million bucks!  phew!

so, we got to poke around the cool stone shop (technically it's a stone fabrication facility and showroom but i think stone shop sounds so much cooler...).  the place responsible for making perhaps the most lovely white marble table top i have ever seen (above) is called delorenzo marble & tile .  being half italian, i of course love that it is run by some awesome italian guys! we got a little tour of their shop and saw some very cool machines that cut massive slabs into countertops, etc with a mean laser beam!
but my favorite find there was samples of these amazing slabs made from semi-precious stones... the budding jeweler in me was salivating over them.  and i am adding these puppies to my mental "someday" list... you know, for when i am no longer an unpaid intern and can really treat myself... so, as i was saying, these slabs are pretty stunning! and could be used as a countertop, backsplash or even as a fabulous piece of art! the photos i snapped with my iphone really don't do them justice! couldn't you just see one of these beauties lit from behind, mounted on a wall??? yep, i am loving my lighting class and thinking of all ways to incorporate it...
tiger's eye!
wild agate! LOVE
oh, and before i forget, i saw another table like this while in palm springs a couple of weekends ago.  this one needed some love too.  but guess what their asking price was??? $1200!!! YIKES!! granted, that was the price with the chairs but thankfully our total price post makeover was no where near that! we started with a $60 table!
interning has been great this week although as i was carrying heavy silk rug samples to return to showrooms to and from my car yesterday i was kicking myself for wearing heels. it was a two hello kitty band-aid day for me.  oops! you think i'd learn!

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern