Thursday, March 22, 2012

my amazing day on today... i heart hoda kotb!

i am back from nyc!  my today show experience was pretty cool! and possibly the best 4 minutes i have had this year!!! and to everyone that sent supportive notes, THANK YOU, it was great to know you were rooting for me!!  and WELCOME to any of you that are just now finding my blog thanks to the show!
i met some really nice gals that were a part of my segment "life's second act: women show it's never too late."    laura vikmanis, billed as the oldest nfl cheerleader, happens to be from the same part of ohio as me! what a small world! and good for her for taking a chance and going for what she wanted and making it happen! and lisa schwartz, the goat cheese farmer gal, was really nice too.  and i have family that are farmers and that is some hard work!

outside the studios getting ready for my big moment!
i enlisted my ny based friend laura as my support that day.  she was there for me at the nate show too and was really awesome in helping me remain as calm and centered as i possibly could be.  while hanging out in the makeup room we were both amazed that famed makeup artist bobbi brown was in the chair next to me getting hers done by one of the gals.  and regular today show contributor, joy bauer, is teeny tiny in person! i felt like a big blond monster next to her!  and it was wild to be in the same green room as kirk cameron, someone whose posters i had on my bedroom walls (along with ricky schroeder and michael j. fox) as a pre-teen girl. who knew that 20 odd years later...
laura's view from behind the cameras
having hoda kotb, someone i really admire, tell me that i am an inspiration, was pretty surreal.  and i have to say, she is honestly just as awesome and genuine in person as she seems on tv.  really!  and the positive energy that she gave to all of us before, during and after our segment was just great!  a bit of a bummer that kathie lee gifford was off this week but i have to say lee brice was a nice guy too! of course after filming the segment i had to gush and tell her how much i love her and also the fact that i have "leg envy" when i watch her on the show every morning.  i mean, come one, she is super fit and has great legs! perhaps someday i will be as lucky? i only wish i had just a few more minutes to chat with her but perhaps i'll be lucky enough to do so in the future...  if only to redecorate her and kathie lee's dressing rooms??

ok it is a smidge blurry but it is my only pic with hoda!
the show was such a whirlwind and really flew by! when i walked off the set my friend laura said to me with a smile "when you're single it's glaringly obvious...."  yep, i told the world i am single and finding myself.  the funny thing is, the night before i flew to nyc i had dinner with a friend and we were chatting about dating and hopefully looking young for our age and i said "what on earth am i thinking, going on national television and pronouncing to the world that i am 40?  is that going to limit the pool?"  my friend then pointed out the fact that the guys that we're dating wouldn't be watching tv at that time of day anyway because hopefully they have jobs... phew!  yeah, i don't lie about my age when asked but i don't normally advertise it over a loudspeaker either.
oh, and speaking of age... my dad called to compliment me on a job well done that night and added "your mom and i thought you looked younger than the other 40 year olds on the show."  well, that may be because i happened to be the only one of us who is actually 40.  laura, the cheerleader, is 43 and lisa, the goat cheese farmer, is in her 50's.  so, it's a good thing i didn't look older than i actually am.

i will say it was hard for me to watch myself again on tv.  i am my own worst critic and can barely stand hearing my voice on an answering machine.  but i am proud to say that i didn't flub the interview it up...  and if you want to watch my big moment again and again you can go here...

the second after i got home from the airport it was back to real life... i had to rush to my lighting class last night and then was interning all day today.  back to regularly scheduled blogging next week! and before i forget, sending a great big thank you to better after blog for showcasing my mod bubble pendant light diy!

for those of you just tuning in and wanting to know more about me you can by going here... and if you didn't already know... i created a facebook page... check it out and "like" it! and follow me on twitter and you can even follow my boards on pinterest too!

until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern

how lovely is springtime in nyc looking?


  1. I missed the original airing so I'm glad you posted it here. You did awesome! So fun! I'm really excited for you and glad you had this experience.

  2. You are very pretty and you are all great examples! I think there's a lot of ageism, so good for you for doing what you want. (For example, half the criticisms of Madonna's half-time show focused on her age. Criticize for other things, please. But all those people will be old faster than they expected, too!)

  3. I can't say it enough- so proud of you! And of course you look great- we have fabulous genes on our side (and SPF 50!)

    So happy to hear that Hoda is real- I thoroughly enjoy her!


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