Monday, April 16, 2012

motel mondays: part 19

today's motel is pretty groovy.  it's the cat's meow! a ring a ding ding! deano's is the name.  doesn't it make you want to grab a martini and pop in some groovy tunes from frank, dean or sammy?  well, it sure does me! this fab vintage motel is located right next door to last week's motel, the astro.
one thing i love about deano's is that they have color tv by rca! yep, that's an important selling point for sure...
and the folks at deano's know the importance of curb appeal.  how super cute is this little flower bed in front of the bungalow??
the theme for this past weekend was jumping into new experiences.  i spent a bit of time gardening, which i have never really done before (more on that later this week!)... and i was inspired by this recent article on dating in the nytimes and decided to sign up for something new just to see what happens...  for now i'm not gonna tell you which one i chose to give a shot, but i am very interested to see how it all turns out...  clearly i am a big believer in putting yourself out there and trying new things these days and when i read this i figured 'why not?' i loved all of the new and innovative ideas the folks mentioned have and thought i would give one a go... and if it turns out to be a big disaster, who cares? at least it'll be a good story.

looking forward to seeing what kind of adventures interning this week brings. don't want to jinx myself by saying how awesome it has been since 2012 began lest i end up in the dreaded closet...

check out these interesting items i spotting at my local flea market last weekend...
the price for this paint splattered chair was way to high at $475 but cool inspiration for a future diy
this cool guy was selling these framed vintage gas station signs
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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern