Monday, April 23, 2012

motel mondays: part 20

it was a bit of a dreary cloudy, chilly weekend here in LA, especially by the beach.  today's motel is the seaview motor hotel, located in santa monica.  when i spotted this little gem i just had to pull over.  super cute vintage motel close to the beach and ocean.  and the turquoise blue sign looks groovy against the gloomy grey skies.
and i love the look of the fab little coffee shop nearby! there was a long line out the door when i was passing by on sunday morning.  i think i might have to pop back sometime soon to see if it's worth the wait.  nothing beats a great diner breakfast!
when i was catching up over lunch with a friend last week he started our conversation by saying "well, i learned that there is sometimes a bright side to death!"  i looked at him and asked what on earth he was talking about.  well, he also works in design and just heard from a client that her little dog, named dumpling, has just passed on to the dog house in the sky and she is ready to redecorate her guestroom (dumpling's former haven).  thanks to dumpling's passing,  my friend now has a new job.  i guess he is right about that bright side...

busy week ahead preparing for a very cool kid's room project.  can't wait to share all the details with you soon!

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until next time...

the (formerly almost) 40 year old intern